The Botetourt County Sheriff’s Office has reported the following arrests:

  • Matthew D. Pritchard, 35, of Roanoke, two charges of assault, July 14
  • Samantha F. Shively, 32, of Roanoke, obstruction of justice, July 17
  • Michael J. Eck Jr., 46, of Daleville, drunk in public, July 18
  • Amber D. Kemper, 26, of Roanoke, disorderly conduct, July 18
  • Esmeralda M. Rivera, 24, of Cloverdale, driving under the influence, July 19
  • Kayla M. Hamlin, 18, of Blue Ridge, drunk in public, July 19
  • Christopher S. Lynch, 39, of Eagle Rock, domestic assault, driving under the influence, July 19
  • Kyle L. Perry, 18, of Roanoke, possession of an illegal shotgun, July 20
  • William M. Law III, 47, of Fincastle, obstruction of justice, drunk in public, July 20
  • Rhonda L. Burke, 61, of Bedford, trespassing, assault, July 21
  • Mark W. Scott, 57, of Roanoke, drunk in public, July 22
  • Larry E. Cooper, 54, of Roanoke, drunk in public, July 22
  • Shannon F. Shanks, 33, of Buchanan, drunk in public, July 23
  • Christopher W. Davis, 35, of Eagle Rock, drunk in public, July 24


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