At a ‘young’ 95, she’s still her cat’s meow!’

Crystal Pettyjohn turned a ‘young’ 95 on March 12.

Pam Dudding-Burch Contributing writer

On Sunday, March 12, Pettyjohn beamed a smile that seemed to go so deep no one or nothing could erase it. She celebrated her 95th birthday with many of her closest friends. “She was so happy and the afternoon was so sweet,” LeAnn Croy shared. “Her friends call her ‘Chris’ and she truly loves sweets, cookies and the likes.”

There were finger foods, some birthday cake and ice cream as all enjoyed the fellowship time with Pettyjohn. “We can’t forget the presents,” Connie Shelor, a third cousin added.

Close friends celebrating Crystal Pettyjohn’s 95th birthday.

Though somewhat private, Pettyjohn thoroughly enjoyed those who attended; Clayton and Laurene Abbott, Bodie and Jean Huffman, Carol McMillion, Faye Sarver, Jack and Connie Shelor, LeAnn Croy, Brian and Aaron Daugherty, Travis Turner and Jacob Roberts.

“Pettyjohn was born and raised on Rt. 621, Upper Craigs Creek Road.  After living in Texas and Oklahoma for several years she returned to her home in Craig County,” Shelor shared.

Crystal is a member of Mt. View Christian Church, a lifetime member of Craig County Historical Society as well as a member of Upper Craigs Creek Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary. She retired from Verizon Telephone Company,

“Back in the day, Crystal enjoyed traveling,” Shelor said. “She was also an avid weekly bowler with many trophies and was also the taxi service for many elderly in the neighborhood.”

Carol McMillion, a close friend, shared, “I love and admire this lady for her life’s journey.” McMillion and Pettyjohn chat twice a day on the phone about their day’s adventures and happenings as well as share their many cat stories.

“She and her cat are so very compatible and enjoy each other’s company,” McMillion said. Pettyjohn and her cat, ‘Sheba’ sit side-by-side many times a day as she enjoys rubbing her. It gives both of them much joy of companionship.

“She is a very private person but enjoys visits from her friends particular every Wednesday with Nancy Profitt,” McMillion Added. “She would welcome any of her friends to visit or maybe take her out somewhere as well.”

Pettyjohn still enjoys her quiet time, especially at nights as she loves to look at the stars. “She has a favorite one she always looks for that is somewhere over the top of the mountainous ridge behind her home,” McMillion said.

However, the consistent thing she seems to look for the most is the smile in others eyes. “THANK YOU” Crystal for touching so many lives!” Shelor and her friends shared.

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