Photo by Brian Hoffman. LB’s Kyle Wood (11) controls the ball while Nathan Rich (14) looks one in last week’s game at William Byrd.

The Lord Botetourt boys flew into spring break with an undefeated record after downing two Blue Ridge District opponents last week. The Cavaliers won at home against Northside, 3-1, then pulled out a 1-0 win over William Byrd in Vinton Friday.

“We knew we would have to approach Northside strategically with their powerhouse center mid who has committed to playing Division 1 level soccer next fall,” said LB coach Tim Wright. “We were able to consistently get numbers behind and around the ball on defense, creating opportunities for patient defending. Their key player, for the most part, seemed to be unproductive when he had the ball at his feet.  That was our goal.”

Kyle Wood and Matt Smith scored goals for LB, and the Cavs also benefited from an “own goal” compliments of the Vikings.

“I knew we had to test their keeper,” said Wright. “Senior Coleman Osborne, who has a very long throw-in, was able to capitalize on that by placing the ball right at their keeper on those throws, and this created two goals for us.  When you have a weaker keeper, the ball coming right at him and a number of opponents crashing that ball at some point a goal is going to result.”

On Friday night at William Byrd the Cavaliers were able to pull out a 1-0 win in the final 12 minutes of play when Micah Rich sent in a cross and Abe Barkett connected with a goal from a header.

“We made good adjustments in the second half and our goal resulted from plays by two guys that play a winger position, an area where we have lacked consistency and quality, ” said Wright.

Collin Ewers made six saves for LB for his second shutout of the season.
Now 9-0, LB will return to action next Tuesday with a home game against William Fleming.