Photos by Pam Dudding-Burch

Big car means bigger demo! Welch is on his way to ram Trivette, after Jay Law had already hit him, yet Trivette still took 1st place.
Bridgett Oliver, won the Powder Puff  ‘Jack Oliver Memorial Derby’ on October 1, 2011. Jack Oliver was Bridgett’s grandfather.
Compact car winners were Ethan Brown (1st) with family Holly Broughman, ‘little’ Givens, Daniel Givens(2nd), Carter Givens, Heather Givens ,Richard Brown(3rd) with Charlie Brown and Laylah Brown and Jasman Brown. Ethan Brown also took the ‘Mad Dog’ Award.
Jaden Persinger won the Bridgett Oliver Memorial Derby. She stands by the car her dad built her for the event. Persinger is best friend’s with Maddy, Bridgett’s sister and this event meant a lot to her. On her car hood was written, “In memory of Bridgett Oliver”
Big car winners were; Corrie Trivett(1st) with his son Grayson and Jeremiah Law (2nd). 3rd was PJ Welch (not pictured). Trivett also took the ‘Mad Dog’ Award
Though labeled ‘small compact’ their hits and determination displayed otherwise. There was no holding back on any of the drivers. None seemed intimidated to join in on a gang crunch fest.
“Girls hit hard too!”… in Craig County. The ‘Powder Puff’ derby seemed not much different than the men’s. Hard hits came and cars got mangled, radiators busted and shut down.
Bridgett’s Dad, BJ Oliver built her car. BJ continues to be a judge at most of the derby’s today.

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