Busher honored by Board of Supervisors

John Busher, the former superintendent of Botetourt County Public Schools, is pictured holding a sign that reads “Botetourt Way” that was gifted to him by the Board of Supervisors.

By Aila Boyd


The Botetourt County Board of Supervisors issued a proclamation of appreciation for John Busher, the now former superintendent of Botetourt County Public Schools, at its meeting last Tuesday.

“This is quite an honor, an unbelievable honor,” Busher said of the proclamation. He said that he hadn’t expected it, but added that he appreciated it. “It’s been a joy to get to work with county officials throughout my time here.”

He went on to note that because of his close working relationship with county officials, he has always referred to them by their first name. The one exception, he said, was Susan Fain, who he said he always has and always will refer to as Mrs. Fain. Fain serves as the deputy clerk to the Board of Supervisors.

After the proclamation was presented, Busher was given a road sign that read “Botetourt Way,” a reference to his trademark phrase about doing things the “Botetourt way.” Busher also has a propensity to recite the division’s mission statement. Because of that, he provided the members of the Board of Supervisors with a copy of it. The mission statement reads, “It is the mission of Botetourt County Public Schools to ensure that all students participate in quality learning experiences necessary to grow, to adapt and to meet the challenges of responsible citizenship in a changing global society.”

During his remarks, Busher thanked his wife for the support that she has given him while he has served as superintendent, especially on the nights that he had to go out and survey the roads after snow storms.

Busher worked for the school division for a total of 14 years, the last four of which as superintendent.

Dr. Lisa Chen, his replacement, assumed her new position on Monday.

The proclamation noted that under Busher’s tenure, the school division increased its course offerings, which better prepared students to meet the needs of the future.

“Mr. Busher’s experience, knowledge, and dedication to the county’s schools is sincerely appreciated by the county, the school system, including the staff and members of the Botetourt County School Board, and the county’s citizens,” the proclamation read in part. “Mr. Busher is respected by his colleagues for his leadership, passion, and vision to provide a better education for the county’s children.

Botetourt County Board of Supervisors Chairman Billy Martin (left) presented John Busher with a “Botetourt Way” sign at last Tuesday’s meeting.
Josh Busher is pictured shaking the hands of all five members of the Board of Supervisors after being presented with a proclamation for his service to the local school division.

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