The Botetourt Extension Office is organizing a cattle marketing opportunity for local producers, and is seeking pre-conditioned (45 days weaned and vaccinated) calves between 500 and 900 pounds to co-mingle into load lot groups to sell on the Virginia Cattlemen’s Association Tel-auction sale Monday, March 13. Calves must grade M or L, #1&2s. Black, black/white face, black nose Charolais crosses, and reds will all be considered as long as they meet the required grading criteria.

VDACS state graders will be in the area grading cattle at the farm February 21 and 22. Video of calves will be taken at the farm and uploaded as advertisement on the day of grading. Take up will be March 15 at Roanoke-Hollins Stockyard.

For more information or to find out if your cattle qualify, contact Kate Lawrence at the Botetourt Cooperative Extension Office, or 473-8260.