Ceola the Republican candidate for Fincastle supervisors’ seat

Larry Ceola is the Botetourt County Republican Party Committee nominee and will be on the ballot in the November special election for the Fincastle District Board of Supervisors’ seat.

The special election will be held to fill the position vacated by the death of Don Meredith.

Larry Ceola
Larry Ceola

Ceola and his wife Terry raised two sons and his family has lived in Botetourt County over three decades, he said in a news release announcing his nomination.

As the owner of Cavalier Automotive in Troutville, he has been a business owner for over 30 years. Ceola states he is concerned with the expansion of government. “Big government on the federal and state levels has impacted our county and our citizens in negative ways,” said Ceola, “That is why I have chosen to run for Fincastle Supervisor.” Ceola stated, “When elected, I want to re‐establish the concept of being a public servant.

“There are two things that I find to be of great importance in Botetourt County,” he said. “Preserving the unique character of Botetourt County’s rural environment,” and “Growing intelligently to keep that character intact while ensuring that Botetourt has the business, financial, and recreational resources necessary to ensure that it remains a wonderful place to live. Botetourt is a special and important place to me and I want nothing but the best for the county and its residents.”

Ceola said, “My years of business budget experience has given me a commonsense approach to separating wants from needs. I would like to see our government start to think outside the box and see if the ‘wants’ can be reduced or eliminated, and some of the ‘needs’ be built and paid for by private donations, grants or endowments.”

Ceola said “I believe that our county government is well run and the services provided are as good if not better than many of the surrounding counties in Southwest Virginia. My concern is for the future.”

Ceola said he is a fiscal conservative. “I advocate avoiding deficit spending, size of government, encourage local trade, attracting new business and promoting current business both small and large.” Ceola elaborated, “I am a small business owner who appreciates that most small businesses in Botetourt County remain loyal to their location in this county.”

He continued, “Take a look at the county and ask, ‘Can we continue to sustain our lifestyle?’ Like many residents and business owners in the county, I have had to cut back in my personal and business expenses. I think it only prudent that our local, government do the same in order to maintain a low debt ratio and insure the future for the next generation.”

Ceola stated, “I’ve tried to do my part to preserve the untouched parts of Botetourt while developing in a responsible manner. When I relocated my business to Troutville in 2002, I built in the 604 corridor (Alt. 220), an area that is already home to business and development. On the opposite end, I am a member of the American Tree Farm System and the State of Virginia Stewardship Program.

“Change is inevitable and almost on a daily basis the face of Botetourt is changing from rural to suburban,” Ceola said, “As a business owner, I do welcome responsible growth and development as these are necessary to provide our citizens with the services they require: our excellent schools and recreational systems, responsive police and fire departments and low taxes.

“My hope that Botetourt grows and develops intelligently while retaining its unique country atmosphere isn’t just a convenient slogan; it has been my way of life for years.”

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