The following statements were submitted to the League of Women Voters of Montgomery County. All statements are directly from the candidate, and not edited by the League.

The League of Women Voters never supports or opposes candidates or political parties. D. Michael Barber (incumbent) and Roger L. Woolwine (challenger) were asked the following: list the three most important priorities that you would like to address if you are elected.

D. Michael Barber


Development of North Christiansburg Regional Park. Located off Pepper’s Road, this 55-acre facility has potential for Christiansburg. Multi-purpose athletic fields will draw competitive events in Soccer, Lacrosse and Softball while blending a large passive recreation area for our citizens to enjoy picnics, family outings, walking, all access playground, Splash Park, sand volleyball court, dog parks. We must phase this project wisely.

Satellite Emergency Services Building on Roanoke St. By constructing this smaller facility (two fire trucks and two ambulances) we will be able to access the Interstate and the top of Christiansburg Mountain quickly and enable access to the Pepper’s Ferry Rd. area safer and quicker than using a highly congested Franklin Street.

Work closely with the Town, business owners and citizens in matters that come before Council. Many issues come before Council each year, Zoning, traffic, noise, land use and variances seem to top the list.

We must work with all concerned parties to ensure a reasonable and equitable solution is reached as often as possible. In some case we can and in others we can’t, but we must continue to try.

Roger L. Woolwine


Revitalize downtown Christiansburg. Work with small business (retail development). We need a variety of business to create a driving force in our community

Education. Create a rapport with the Montgomery County School Board. Several questions are addressed to the town of Christiansburg concerning the schools but they have to be referred to the County. Need a line of communication so they are directed to the correct person. Expenses.

Let community know if there is a grant that helps pay for improvements. Most citizens do not attend the Town Council meetings and do not receive correct information concerning this issue. They always think the “people” are carrying this expense. Again, communication.

Mayors serve four-year terms. The election is Tuesday, Nov. 7. Polls are open from 6 a.m.-7 p.m. Christiansburg voters are in portions of District B, C and D.

District B is in central Montgomery County and includes a portion of the Town of Christiansburg. District B communities and subdivisions include Riverwood Estates, Walton Estates, Vicker Heights, Rolling Hills subdivision, Timber Trails subdivision, Belmont Farms, Cedar Run Acres and Yellow Sulphur Village. Town of Christiansburg neighborhoods and subdivisions include Cambria, New River Village, Belmont Farms, Seneca Springs, Villas at Peppers Ferry, Midway Heights, Windmill Hills, Diamond Pointe, Vista Via, Slate Creek Commons, Oak Tree Townhomes, Woods Acres, Hill Street, Wheeling Heights, Robin Hood Estates, Hans Meadow, Lester Place, Beverly Hills, Lions Gate and La Plateau. Polling places are North Fork Baptist Church on Luster’s Gate Road (Precinct B1), Church of the Brethren on South Franklin Street in Christiansburg (Precinct B2), Belmont Community Center on Dominion Drive (Precinct B3) and Christiansburg Recreation Center on North Franklin Street in Christiansburg (Precinct B4).

District C is in eastern and southeastern Montgomery County and includes a portion of the Town of Christiansburg. District C communities and subdivisions include Lafayette, Elliston, Shawsville, Ironto, Alleghany Springs, Piedmont, Camp Alta Mons, Flatwoods, Reesedale, Sugar Grove, Oak Grove, Den Hill, Deer Creek Meadow, HS Tejas, Fox Hollow, The Ridges, Trump Acres and Walnut Creek. Town of Christiansburg neighborhoods and subdivisions include Town and Country Estates, Edgewood, Huff Acres, Summit Ridge, Franklin Park, Sherwood Estates, Craig Mountain, Arrowhead Estates, Cedar Point, East Ridge, Kingston Court, Raintree Village, Falling Branch, Fox Hollow, Willowbrook, White Pines, Mountain Top Estates and Cumberland Forest. Polling places are Meadowbrook Branch Public Library on Alleghany Spring Road (Precinct C1), Christiansburg Church of Christ on South Franklin Street in Christiansburg (C2), Hall’s United Methodist Church on North Fork Road (Precinct C3) and Falling Branch Elementary School on Falling Branch Road in Christiansburg (Precinct C4).

District D is in southwestern Montgomery County and includes a portion of the Town of Christiansburg. District D communities and subdivisions include Little Montgomery, Snowville, Graystown, Childress, Bethel, Plum Creek, Walton, Riner, Pilot, Basham, Rogers, Rose Hill, Crab Creek Meadows, Pleasant Acres, Highland Hills, Dry Valley Estates, Ridgeway Farms Estates, Hawks Flight, Smith Creek, Hickory Mountain, Sunflower Acres, Duncan, Brush Creek Plantation, Valley View, Eaglebrook Estates, Auburn Hills Golf Club, Cloverlea, Hillcrest at Union Valley, Auburn Acres, Round Meadow Country Club, Lonesome Dove, Heritage Place, and Highland Hills. Town of Christiansburg neighborhoods and subdivisions include Kensington, Harman Forest, South Hill Park, Highland Park, Middle Court Townhomes, Goins, Kamran Drive, Victory Heights, Lee-Hi Court, Harmon Forest, Highland Park, Echo Hills, Ellett, Sunset Hills, Hyde Park and Atkinson Acres. Polling places are Christiansburg Armory on College Street in Christiansburg (Precinct D1), Auburn High School on Riner Road (Precinct D2), Bethel United Methodist Church on Lovely Mount Drive (Precinct D3), Abundant Life Fellowship on Old Pike Road in Pilot (Precinct D4) and Christiansburg Branch Public Library on Sheltman Street in Christiansburg (Precinct D5).

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