Pam Dudding-Burch
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Young athletes celebrating after a game at the Field of Dreams this summer.

Have you ever gotten so mad, you just want to kick a ball? Well, the Field of Dreams (FOD) is providing you with an invitation to do just that!

At 10 a.m. on Saturday, October 7, residents from all around Craig County are welcome to establish their own team and kick away. This was an idea that stemmed from the last Craig County Recreation and Conservation Association (CCR&CA) August Board meeting.

Debbie Snead, Director of CCR&CA, shared that kickball has been played at The Field of Dreams and others felt that maybe the community would like to join in. “Kickball is a new and fun sport, particularly for tournaments.” Snead said.

Therefore it was decided to have a Kickball Benefit Tournament (KBT). They asked Jefferson Lee if he would spearhead the tournament and he agreed. “Jefferson headed up the Softball Benefit Tournament last summer as his senior college project and did a great job, earning over $6,000 for two cancer patient children in our community.”

Lee is a native of Craig County, and a Sports Business Major graduate of the University of Mount Union. He was a kicker for their football team and leader in Fellowship of Christian Athletes. He is currently working for the City of Salem Recreation. “He is an all around fine fellow,” Snead added.

“I am very excited that the CCR&CA has asked me to help to raise awareness for the Field of Dreams Complex,” Lee exclaimed. “This kickball tournament should be an exciting fun event for everyone!”

The KBT funds will go towards the recent hydro seeding on the fourth ball field at the FOD and the fertilizing. “This will allow us to use all four fields for softball or soccer,” Snead shared. “Jeff Cahoon and Jody Scott have been a great help, as well as Randall, Eugene and Leon.” They were able to remove all the rocks, grade and hydro seed the fourth field.

Hopes are to have at least six teams for this tournament day. “All we ask is you have nine players per team,” Jefferson said. “It only costs $20 per team to enter.” The age limits are eighth grade or 13 years of age to adults. Snead said, “All you need to know is how to kick a ball and make a goal!”

The games are scheduled to start October 7 at 10 a.m. “To register, we have flyers or they can get in touch with me personally,” Jefferson said. Cutoff date to sign up is Sunday, October 1.

You can contact Lee via email at <> or on his Facebook page. You can also contact Teresa Oliver at The Craig County Child Care Center or Debbie Snead or apply online at:

“Please help promote the event every way possible; co-workers, church, organizations and social media,” Snead shared. “If you’re able to make copies of the brochure, and place them around town that would be a great help.”

Snead and Lee encourage everyone to “Get a team together and play for a fun day as well as help fund the FOD.”

“The hope is that this will become an every year event to help us raise awareness for the complex and bring some activity back to the community of Craig County,” Lee concluded.

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