Photo courtesy of Melissa Powell
Over 30 volunteer and staff members helped plant new trees at Downtown Park in Christiansburg Saturday morning.

The Town of Christiansburg removed 18 Black Locust trees from Downtown Park, and had citizens and staff replace them with a variety of different trees on Saturday.

The overhead map shows which trees are planted where throughout Downtown Park in Christiansburg.

The invasive species are known for unexpectedly dropping limbs which had become a problem according to a news release from the town.

“Several large branches have fallen in recent weeks, creating a safety hazard in the park, especially because of the height from which the limbs fall. Many of the Black Locust trees are also suffering from a fungal infection, weakening the limbs and increasing the likelihood of broken branches,” according to the release.

Town Spokesperson Melissa Powell said that more than 30 residents came out to help in the replanting process Saturday morning.

Replacing the Black Locust trees were a variety of trees including: 21 Arborvitaes, four Black Gums, seven Dawn Redwoods, three Saucer Magnolias and three Star Magnolias. Powell said that town Horticulturist Micheal Huesman selected the species.

“He wanted trees that people may not experience on a daily basis and that could provide some color in the park. The magnolias produce spring blossoms, and the redwood and blackgum have beautiful fall leaves,” Powell said. “Plus, he selected slightly matured trees to provide some height and canopy at the time of planting. The trees will continue to grow and branch out as they mature.

Powell said that Valley Tree Service completed the tree removal and stump grinding, which cost $6,250, and the replacement trees cost $713.75.

Downtown Park is located at 15 College St. To learn more about the different types of trees planted, visit

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