Coyner Springs children’s center back before planners

The Botetourt County Planning Commission will hear four requests when it meets Monday, March 10, in Fincastle.

Intercept Youth Services Inc. (IYSI) will be back before the planners to ask for changes to the county zoning ordinance and a special exceptions permit (SEP) to allow the private agency to operate a children’s residential assessment and diagnostic center with a private school and a children’s community home for up to 16 youths ages 11-17 in the former Sanctuary Crisis Intervention Center on Coyner Springs Road off US 460 at Coyner Springs.

The planners will also hear two requests involving a planned move by Shenandoah Podiatry into offices at Summerfield Court on Cloverdale Road, Cloverdale. They’ll also consider a request for a Commission Permit that will allow VDOT to abandon and vacate a portion of Patterson Trail (Rt. 683) off US 220 along Craig Creek near Eagle Rock.

The planners recommended approval of a similar request by IYSI for using the former Sanctuary property that’s owned by the City of Roanoke in December, but the Board of Supervisors didn’t like the and/or proposal to use the facility for a children’s residential assessment and diagnostic facility with a private school or a children’s community home

IYSI has come back with the request for a children’s residential assessment and diagnostic center with a private school and community home based on proposed changes to the county’s zoning ordinance.

That change would provide a definition for “mental health group home with a private school for up to 16 youths ages 11-17” and add that definition to uses permissible by special exception in Agriculture A-1 Use Districts.

The idea did not get any opposition at the planners’ December meeting.

The planners will also hear a request from Hometown Bank which is asking for a special exception permit for the operation of a medical care facility in a Business (B-2) Use District. The property is at 60 Summerfield Court on the western side of Cloverdale Road and had served as a tanning salon and day spa.

The two doctors that currently operate Shenandoah Podiatry on Cloverdale Road want to move into this location where they expect to hire two or three more employees.

Shenandoah Podiatry is now located at 8782 Cloverdale Road, property owned by Porter Mountain Properties LLC.

That company has asked to rezone that property from Residential R-3 to Business B-1 to be used for commercial space. The rezoning will require a special exception because the lot is just over 1 acre and B-1 requires a minimum of 3 acres.

Shenandoah Podiatry is in the R-3 space now with an SEP that allows use as a medical care facility only. JCLJ Associates LLC, owned by John A and Crysal S. Bounds, is asking the planners to vacate about 750 feet of a 30-foot prescriptive right-of-way situated along Patterson Trail (Rt. 683) that crosses their property.

The planners will decide whether to grant the Commission Permit, then the Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing on vacating a state road or part of a state road.

The planners’ public hearings begin at 6 p.m. in the Old General District Courtroom.

The Board of Supervisors will hear the zoning issues when it meets March 25. The supervisors will have the final say on those requests.

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