Eagle Rock schools reunion Sept. 16 for students, staff, families

Members of the 1974/75 sixth grade class at Eagle Rock Elementary School would like to extend an invitation to all faculty, students, staff and their families from the original Eagle Rock School (high school and elementary), from the day the doors first opened, until they closed for the very last time.

The reunion is taking place on Saturday, Sept. 16, from 2-6 p.m. at the Eagle Rock Community Center, which is on the old school grounds (some may remember it as the Home Economics/Shop Building).

Following is a list of the teachers and the grades they taught: Mr. Nutter, Principal; Mrs. Stevens and Miss Belcher, 1st Grade; Miss Schacht and Miss White, 2nd Grade; Mrs. Wilhelm and Mrs. Hunter, 3rd Grade; Miss Jones and Mrs. Griffith, 4th Grade; Mrs. Vaughn and Mrs. Leffel, 5th Grade; Mrs. Kolb and Mrs. Johnston, 6th Grade; Miss Coggins and Mrs. King, Ungraded.

Staff includes: Miss All, Secretary; Mrs. Little, Librarian; Mrs. Mason, Piano; Mrs. Tingler, Chorus; Mrs. Saville, Art; Mrs. Thomas and Mrs. Saville, Aides; Mrs. McClung, Mrs. King, Mrs. Caldwell, Mrs. Scott and Mrs. Johns, cafeteria; and Mr. Dudding, custodian.  Some of these people are deceased, there may be family members who would like to attend.

Members of that last sixth grade class are:

Mrs. Johnston’s class: Chris Claunch, Eric Claunch, Rick Anderson, Tim King, Joe Bryant, Scott Johnson, Pam Johnson, Janet Wilcher, Kathy Dunbar, Dawn Helmintoller, Linda Kern, Sherry Alexander, Rhonda Boothe, Reva Pierce, Randy Alexander, Scott Kern, Gary Clark, Dreama Scott, Missy Hundley, Amy Williams, Karen Wilhelm, Maria Pullen, Virginia Bennett, Kim McClung, Teresa Knick, Tammy Neil, Linda Thomas and Pam King.

Mrs. Kolb’s class: Tony Godfrey, Mark Campbell, Everette Brown, Andrea Huffman, Donna Nicely, Carl Hamm, Cecil Neal, Shirley Broughman, Lisa Myers, Rene Bocanegra, Jeff Gibson, Jeff Jefferies, Jerry McCulley, Cindy Thompson, Bonnie Nelson, Billy Layne, Randy Clark, Eddie Broughman, Diane Rominus, Charles Morrison, Donna Morrison and Donald McDonald.

Food will be available for purchase from Rollers Smokehouse, and music is being provided by The Freeloaders. There will also be a photographer on site with order forms, so you will be able to purchase a copy of the photo cd of the event.

Contact Robin (Smith) Bolton at (540) 293-3032; robinbolton1017@gmail.com; or on Facebook. There is also a Facebook page for this event: Eagle Rock School Reunion. If you know how to contact any of the above listed people, please do so.

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