Fincastle Fire & Rescue thanks donors


The Fincastle Fire & Rescue Department would like to thank the following who responded to the department’s 2017 fund-raising letter:

The Bank of Fincastle, Charles and Karen Adams, Peter and Nancy Adamson, Iqbal Badre and Shamin Alam, Allegheny Construction, Edgar and Phyllis Allen, Carter and Elfie Allman, Bobby and Wanda Anderson, Timothy and Leigh Ann Anderson, Arphiela Arizmendi, Cary D. and Lois M. Atkins, Charles and Martha Atkins, Anthony and Sharon Atkinson, Margaret L. Austin, Fincastle Automotive, Stephen and Judy Baldwin, Cindy Bandy, James and Donna Bandy, Anthony and Mary Barrera, Debora and Bret Barry, T.C. and Jane Beasley, Kevin Beddingfield, Karen S. Bedwell, W.R. and P.A. Bergman, Carol L. Bernstein, Norwood and Angelica Beverly, Deborah and Robert Billingsley, Clifford and Phyllis Blumenthal, Katherine and Richard Boone, Rebecca M. Boone, Glenda and James Boothe, Donald and Shirley Booze, Johannes and Merilyn Bosch, L. Scott and Robin Boston, Jeffrey and Liz Bowles, William and Donna Bowling, John and Sherry Bowman, Mitchell and Bobbie Bowman, Frank and Patricia Bramblett, Carol S. Brenner, Marilyn Brewbaker, Billie and Tambra Bridger, Robin and Thomas Brown, Sterling, III and Debra Broyles, J.P. and K.W. Buchanan, William Austin Building, Gerald and Pamela Burgess, Daniel and Sandra Burkard, Tony Burrows

Also, Kathryn and John William Bush, Carl and Jennie Cahoon, Marsha and Louis Campbell, Sam and Carol Canode, Charles E. Carter Jr., Ronald E. Cassell, Joseph and Charlotte Ceola, Nicholas and Rebecca Champs, Wesley and Nina Chesser, Michael and Charlotte Christensen, Fincastle Presbyterian Church, Gary F. Clark, Curtis and Bonnie Clark, Carl and Nancy Clarkson, Richard and Pamela Claterbaugh, Norma and Elwyn Clifton, Gary W. and Jared Cochran, Blaine and Donna Coffey, Jean Collins, Charles and Jane Compton, Herschel and Charlene Conner, Russell and Marjorie Conner, Irene and Jeffery Cook, Frances and Richard Cook, Steven and Susan Cook, Thomas and Connie Cooper, Teresa and Gregory Cooper, Melvin and Johnnie Corbett, W.M. Corvin Sr., Franklin Walter Cory, Lynwood and Yvonne Cox, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Craddock, Malkcom and Bernice Crawford, Scott and Susan Critzer, Mildred Marie Crocker, Timothy Crofton, Margaret W. Crosson, Kenneth and Marie Crowder, Leslie and Matthew Crowgey, David and Olivia Cummings, Nancy Dahlstrom, Robert and Susan Dallas, John and Jenny Daniels, Robert and A. Daniels, Lonnie and Andrea Daniels, Paulette and Toby Davis, Thelma F Deel, Jerry and Lynda Deel, Denise, Evelyn DeHart, Everlyn Chazar

Also, Elizabeth G. Deisher, Richard and Lorrie Denney, Wilma D. Denney, Robert and Vera Dickerson, Joseph and Jill Difede, Jerry and Lorraine Dillon, William and Janice Dillon, Michael and Mary Dixon, Glen and Sandra Dodd, Steven and Denise Dorian, William and Patricia Drennan, Judy L. Drewry, Patrick and Lisa Dreyfus, Steven and Leonora Drzymala, Donald and Jessie Dudley, Ralynda and Austin Dudley, Douglas and Nancy Duffy, Dennis and Shirley Dunbar, Patsy G. Entsminger, George Etzler, John L. Etzler Inc., Billie and Norma Eversol, William C. and Lois S. Faddis, Faith Baptist Church, Raymond and Anne Faszewski, Elizabeth Feazell, Robert and Shelba Ferguson, David and Lisa Ferrell, Kenneth and Patrica Ferris, Virginia Ferris, Fincastle Automotive, Charles Finn, Larry Firebaugh, James and Anita Firebaugh, M. Louis and Mary S. Fochtman, Harriett Francis, Lt. Col. Brenda Fuller, Carolyn C. Fulton, Alan and Lillie Garnett, C.A. and S.R. Geddes, Betty Geiger, Robert Gengo, Gail and Richard George, Glenn and Deborah Giles, William and Betty Giles, Charles and Julie Gladu, Marilyn and George Goodacre, Brian and Tina Gooden, John K. Goodmiller, Travis and Leslie Graboyes, Graham-White, Archie and Carol Grant

Also, Rose Ellen Gravett, E.W. Gray, James R. and Lula Griffin, Gwen and John Griffith, Ray and Jean Grubbs, Robert Hagan Jr., Donna and David Haley, Lynn R. Hall, Steven and Ann-Marie Hamblin, David Hamm Sr., Dane and Patrice Hamren, Sarah Hancock, Beth A. Hargis, Cindy and Gary Harper, Paul and Tonya Harper, Dennis N. and Barbara F. Harris, Eleanor Harris, Cynthia and Brandol Harvey, Sudie and Buck Heartwell, Linda and Howard Heck, David and Priscilla Hedrick, Douglas and Tami Helms, Ruth M. Herdman, James Hickenbotham, Daniel and Catherine Higdon, Rick and Debbie High, Joseph M. Hoer, Barry and Cynthia Holland, George and Elizabeth Holt, Galen and Shirley Howell, James and Chris Hoye, Gary and Marianne Hubbard, Glenn and Susan Hubbard, James E. Huffman, Luther and Carolyn Huffman, Jerry and Gladys Hughston, Russell and Betty Hurd, Larry and Rebecca Ingle, Peggy Ingram, Angela and Charles Italiano, Otto and Lorraine Jacobi, Donna M. Janeczko, J.P. and Margaret Jenkins, William Jennings, Paul and Tonya Jestadt, M.R. Jim II, John L. Etzler Inc., Paul and Connie Johnson, Stephen and Rebecca Johnston, Garland and Jane Jones, Mark and Jane Jones, Alvin and Barbara Kagey, Alexander Kamwell, Gary and Drema Kattenbraker

Also, Dennis and Susan Keith, Tony and Tamera Kelly, Kathryn and Thomas Kerkering, Susan Angle Kidd, Mahlon C. Kidd Jr., Bernard Klatt Jr., Richard and Rebecca Koffman, Edward Kozlowski, Roger and Barbara Kresage, Jeffrey and Adrianne Lahar, James and Wilma Lambert, Douglas and Mary Lee Lang, Dorothy P. Langford, David LaPrade, Rodney and Mary Layman, Charlotte Lee, Jack W. Lee, Charlotte and Trudy Lee, Dale Leeson, L.P. Lehman, J.D. Lenk, Lily of the Valley Baptist Church, Donald and Carol Liptrap, Harriet Little, Henry and Jeanita Little, Donna and Alan Littreal, Phillip and Judith Lochbrunner, Diane Long, Donna and Daniel Lucas, H.C. Madine, Michael and Maribeth Madonna, Peter and Bette Mahony, Reba and Edmond Martin, Robert Matheson, Linda Stowell, Betty Mayes, Darrell and Bernice McConnell, William F. McConnell, Rhonda K. McDonald, Donald J. McMullen, James F. McNabb, George R. Meadows, Pamela Melton, Jonathan Gross, Bruce and Betty Mengel, Phyllis K. Merenda, Linda and Gerald Mikalauskas, Connie Miles, Heidi and Phillip Miller, John and Nancy Miller, Richard and Suzanne Miller, Sharon Mohney, Paul and Martha Monaghan, Ernest and Robin Moore, James Forest Moore

Also, Ray Moran, Capt. Juan and Madeleine Moreno, Tuesday Morning Club, Helen Morris, Kelly R. Morris, Kerry Morris, Carlton and Valerie Moses, B.C. and Josephine Mullins, Michael and Mary Muse, Harold Myers, Justin and Erin Nagle, Clarence and Bonnie Nicely, James R. Nichols, Deborah Nicholson, Michael and Joann O’Neill, John and Pamela Orange, Sonia Osborne, Mary and David Osborne, Houston and Mary Otey, Wanda G. Pagnanelli, Patricia P. Palmer, Steven and Carolyn Pappas, Teresa and William Parr, Michelle L. Patrick, Sarah and Charles Patterson, John and Esther Peck, Thomas Peck, Paul and Virginia Philippe, Rebecca and Joseph Pigford, E.S., Jr. and Nancy Pillis, Ruth C. Poff, James and Mary Polniak, Phyllis and John Powell, Edward and William Powell, John and Diane Poyner, D.E and C.G. Practor, Phyllis Pratt, John and Phyllis Price, Eddie and Linda Prillaman, Luther P. Quick, Judi and Donald Race, Dennis and Teresa Rasnick, Gladys Rasnick, Jeff Rasnick, Betty and Melvin Reed, Donald and Mary Jo Reed, Glenn and Armeda Reiley, Matthew Reyer, James and Betty Reynolds, Duane and Betty Rhodes, Robert and Adrina Ripley, Robert C. Hagan Jr., Connie and Rob Robeson, Warren Robinette Jr., Philip Romas, Douglas and Cecilia Ross

Also, G. Charles and Lucy Ruhl, James and Diane Ryan, Russell and Judy Sanders, Alan and Connie Saunders, Mary and Allan Scanlan, Erik and Ruth Schwendeman, Carolyn and Phil Scott, Jerry and Virginia Shaver, Myran and Janice Shifflett, Scott and Sherry Shonher, Geneva Short, Carlos and Carla Showalker, Calvin and Mildred Shrewsbury, Ed Shuey, Roger and Susan Sillmon, Myrtle Simmons, Michael and Rosalie Sloan, Michael and Kathleen Sloan, Carl and Carol Smith, Donald and Alice Smith, Wanda Marie Smith, David H. Snow, William and Elizabeth Snyder, R. and M.A. Sowa, Chad and Katharine Spangler, Robert and Teresa Spencer, Sam E. Sprinkel, Robert and Lynn Sprinkle, Beverly D. Stafford, David J. Stanfill, Angelia Stanley, Ann Staten, David Stevens, Edd and Barbara Stevens, E.H. Stevens, Warren L. Stevens, M. Stickler, Gene Strickler, Stanley and Lara Strickler, Nick and Geve Strock, Susan F. Stumreiter, Lelia and George Sullender, Summit Initiative, Michael and Ed Surratt, Charles E. Switzer, Roy C, and Jeanette Tatum, Phyllis and Charles Taylor, James and Phyllis Tenser, Michael and Grace Tesoro, Madeline and Mary Theimer, Jennifer and Michael Theimer, Ray and Rosemary Thomas, Beatrice Thompson, Judy Thompson, Betty and Ray Thompson, Jeffrey and Dodie Thompson, Georgia and Geonia Thompson, Jonathan and Kelli Tolley, Carolyn M. Trainor, Tuesday Morning Club, Wanna Tungasveta, Ronald and Marie Tyree, Shannon and Summer Underwood, Russell W. Updike, Scott and Barbara VanCleef, Drs. Richard and Patty Vari, R.S. and B.H. Vinal, Kendall and Jennifer Vinson, Virginia Mountain Vineyards, R.A. and Meredith Waid, Sally Waid, Craig and Joanne Waldron, Cheryl and Bryan Walker, Ryan and Charlotte Walker, Larry and Carol Walker, Brain and Kathleen Walker, William and Jane Wallace, Warren L. Stevens and Son Inc., Karen and John Weaver III, Anna Weddle, William and Kathleen Weikart, Wayne and Anita Weikel, Donald W. and Peggy Welch, Glenn and Gail Welch, Ruth C. Welch, Tom Wenrich, Wheatland Evangelical Lutheran Church, Pamela and Fred Whitaker Jr., Gary and Bonnie Whitley, David and Anita Wickline, Polly and Douglas Widner, William Austin Builders, Michael and Julie Williams, John G. Williams, Margaret Williamson, Patricia Ann Willis, Donna K. Wilson, Harold and Mildred Wingate, Elizabeth Witt, Carol and Gary Wolfe, A.W. and Freda Wood, Lowell and Corrine Wood, Teresa and Dean Wood, June M. Woodward, Mike and Penny Wray, Crystal and Tony Wright, Melissa Wyrick, Ethel and Emmett Yonce, Ronald W. Young, Robert and Zimmerman

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