Fincastle Library raising money with mosaic art


By Aila Boyd

Rhonda Bandy, the branch librarian for the Fincastle Library, explained that she likes to hang works of art on the walls of the library in order to brighten up the space. She also describes herself as being crafty.

Her love of art and her craftiness fused together when she came up with the idea of using mosaic art work in order to raise money to remedy the library’s storage problems created by the fact that the current storage building is rotting.

With the help of her husband, she created four mosaic panels over the course of a month. The panels depict a continuous picture of a tree, the roots of which represent the roots of Fincastle.

The mosaic artwork debuted at the library last Tuesday. They hang above a computer station, a part of the library Bandy said receives a considerable amount of foot traffic.

Cabochons, with the names of the purchasers or the individuals that they are being dedicated to, can be purchased for $50 or more. The cabochons, a type of gem, will be built into the mosaic panels and will be permanently displayed at the library.

Although there are currently 19 spaces available for cabochons, Bandy noted that more spaces can be added if there is a demand.

To purchase a cabochon, visit the Fincastle Library.

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