Focus on 4-H for May 13 Edition

On behalf of the Botetourt County 4-H Program, we would like to update you on our current programming efforts.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, 4-H programs across the state have been affected for the foreseeable future. This includes 4-H school programming, face-to-face 4-H club meetings, as well as local, regional, and state activities and events.

However, several of our community club members are still working on projects for the remainder of the 4-H year. There are even club opportunities that are taking place by utilizing the Zoom teleconferencing application.

Members of our livestock club are working to prepare project animals in preparation for the resumption of showing season and upcoming county fairs. Several of these members recently took a trip to a farm in Elliston to acquire lamb and goat project animals. These members are newer to the livestock program and have just recently shown interest in raising livestock projects.

Livestock Club members also had the opportunity to participant in the annual “4-H Poultry Chain” project and received their free pullets on Thursday, April 23. In total, there were 250 pullets distributed to 10 members of our Livestock Club who will raise these project birds. The poultry chain is sustainable from year to year due to the agreement that these members will contribute their five best pullets to be shown and auctioned at the Botetourt County Fair. Proceeds from these auctions are used to purchase the pullets during the following year. The members’ remaining pullets from the project are theirs to use or market at their discretion.

Members of our 4-Honey Club can work with their beekeeping projects from their hives at home. These members perform home inspections to evaluate the overall health and well being of their hives and will look forward to selling their local honey in the late-summer months.

The 4-H Teen Leadership club is utilizing Zoom to proceed with scheduled monthly meetings. We are working to plan for future programs and activities, once we are allowed to once again meet in person. Several of our club members have expressed interest in participating in our annual Virginia 4-H State Congress, which will take place this summer. Although this will be a virtual event, our members are looking forward to attending the virtual workshops and participate in a variety of competitions that will be offered.

Although our face-to-face programs are currently suspended, we encourage you to follow our social media channels for weekly educational content. We can be found on Facebook at Botetourt County 4-H and Instagram at Botetourt4H. If you have ideas for virtual activities or programs that you would like to see, please let us know. We have many ideas for future posts and we are excited to share those with you.

We also encourage folks to utilize program activities and resources that are being shared daily by Virginia 4-H. If you are a youth member that is looking for a 4-H project to work on during this time, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

For more information on Botetourt County 4-H or the programs we offer, please contact Tyler Painter ( at 473-8260.

-Tyler H. Painter

Extension Agent

4-H Youth Development



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