Forgotten Cemeteries for July 1 Edition

Anderson Family Cemetery

This family cemetery is located on the original Anderson family farm across Craig Creek on Route 706 in Oriskany.

The cemetery was photographed by Daryl Reed in 2019, at which time the cemetery was well cared for and freshly mowed. There are 23 Anderson family markers, two Drummond family markers, two Rock family markers, one Strickler marker, two Surber family markers and three Via family markers, for a total of 34. The earliest burial was 1930 and the most recent was 2017.

Edith Strickler was the daughter of John and Eva Anderson.

Mary Anderson married Dennis Surber.

Marguerite Anderson married Burnell Thomas Via.

Annie Anderson married Bernie Drummond.

Mary, Marguarite, and Annie are the daughters of Charles and Henrietta Anderson.

The only connection that the Botetourt Genealogy Club was not able to establish was the Rock family.

Any additional information about the cemetery can be sent to the club at

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