Forgotten Cemeteries for September 16 Edition

Burks Cemetery

This cemetery is on private property in Buchanan.  Sharon Crumbly donated the photos for this group to help document another “Forgotten Cemetery.”

The oldest burial was that of Charles E. Burks in 1864. He was the son of Arthur L. and Demaris Wilson Burks, who are both also buried there. A.L. Burks was born in 1790 and he died in 1878. His wife Demaris was born in 1798 and died in 1881. A.L. Burks and Demaris had eight children, all of whom appear to be buried here with the exception of Eveline.

John, Mary, Ellen, Mariah, Virginia, Charles and James all have markers.

Robert S. Burks was the son of Samuel and Rhoda Burks. Robert’s wife Mary Elizabeth is also buried there. Robert served in the Civil War.

Samuel Lowman and his wife Lydia both have markers, Samuel died in 1873 and Lydia died in 1886.

An Unknown O’Bryan male who worked on the James River Canal died in 1882.  The infant son of Frank and Alice Young is buried here with no dates or marker. He was recorded in an earlier inventory.

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