Forgotten Cemeteries: Hammond-Henderson-Houseman Cemetery in Springwood

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GPS Coordinates: 37.5457993, -79.7755966

The following are from “Botetourt County History Before 1900 Through County Cemetery Records” submitted by Howard R Hammond, who is the second great-grandson of Peter and Margaret Housman Hammond.

This cemetery is on private property.

The following readable markers were found:

Lewis Housman (b. 10-5-1803  d. 8-20-1885)

Eliza Housman was the wife of Lewis. She died on 1-9-1837 at the age of 22.

William Housman was the son of Lewis and Margaret. (b. 8-19-1844  d. 6-1845)

Mariah B Housman was the wife of Lewis. (b. 10-1-1813  d. 2-22-1884)

Simon Housman died on 6-20-1823 at the age of 36.

Col. George Wilson Hammond 1827-1864 CSA KIA Cloyd’s Mt., Pulaski Virginia (photo included)

Charles Hammond died on 2-19-1848 at the age of three.

John M Cross died on 10-22-1873 at the age of 62.

Peter Hammond died on 3-22-1850 at the age of 56. War of 1812: Private 1st VMR Truehart

Margaret H. Hammond (b. 7-27-1800 d. 6-26-1889)

Ralph Henderson (b. 3-17-1821 d. 7-19-1892)

Sarah Jane (Hammond) Henderson was the wife of Ralph and the daughter of Peter & Margaret Houseman Hammond. She died on 2-19-1885 at the age of 55.

Millie J Henderson was the daughter of Ralph and S J. She died on 1-5-1833 at the age of five.

Annie Snelser, unreadable dates b. 1821

Charles R Thrasher (b.12-24-1857 d. 8-17-1864) The stone is broken in pieces.

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