Forgotten Cemeteries: Lemon Burying Ground

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Lemon Burying Ground

The Lemon Burying Ground is located 12 miles west of Eagle Rock on Rt. 220 and Lick Run Road on original homestead land.

Lemon, Andrew P 1854 1862
Lemon, Cornelius 1851 1904
Lemon, David 1849 1880
Lemon, Elizabeth 23 Sep 1839 5 Mar 1916
Lemon, Fife H 18 Sep 1869 5 Mar 1919
Lemon, George 1809 1881
Lemon, Jacob 7 May 1763 6 Nov 1848
Lemon, Joanna 1825 1913
Lemon, J N 18 Jan 1834 14 Mar 1909
Lemon, John R 1856 1857
Lemon, V A no date no date
Simpson, Bettie J 21 Nov 1852 8 May 1885


Jacob Lemon was born in Frederick County, Maryland. He was the son of George and Marie Lemon of that area. He was married in Botetourt County on December 8, 1797 to Jane Gillilan. He fought in the Revolutionary War. Jane collected Widows Pension pension of $23.33 every six months from 1849-1858. He died in Botetourt County.

Elizabeth Lemon was the daughter of Jabez Johnson and Mariah Persinger Johnson of Alleghany County. She was the wife of J. N. Lemon.

Fife H. Lemon was the son of George Lemon and Joanna Persinger Lemon. He was single at his death.

Cornelius Lemon and David Lemon were also the sons of George Lemon & Joanna Persinger Lemon.

Virginia Lemon (born in 1823 and died in 1854) was the daughter of Jacob and Jane.

George Lemon (born in 1809 and died in 1881) was the son of Jacob & Jane. He married Joanna Persinger.

Bettie J. Lemon married J. Benson Simpson in Botetourt County on December 18, 1878. She is the daughter of George and Joannah. J Benson Simpson is the son of John Simpson and Martha Virginia Burger. They appear to have had one child named Mary. After Bettie passed, J. Benson Johnson remarried and left the area.

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