Four rescued from flooded James River

The rescue occured on Sunday. [Submitted photo]

Sunday afternoon, the Botetourt Special Operations Team and the Buchanan Volunteer Fire Department responded to a report that four individuals were in need of rescue on the James River below the Springwood boat launch.

Upon arrival, personnel found the four individuals still floating on their tubes and raft among trees, out of the main current. Flood conditions prevented the individuals from being able to safely make it out of the river.

Swift water personnel were deployed in an otter-type boat and the individuals were brought to safety without incident.

Crews from Buchanan, Eagle Rock, Troutville, and Fincastle also responded.

In a statement, the Botetourt County Department of Fire & EMS said, “The James River and other waterways are still flooded and running much faster than during normal conditions for safe recreation. We urge you, please stay off the waterways during this time. The conditions are unsafe, no matter the level of experience and are even more dangerous for rescue workers trying to rescue those in distress.”

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