Teachers dressed as Kindness Fairies are (from left), Ms. Mortlock, Mrs. Austin, Mrs. Kurz, Mrs. Breeden, Mrs. Day, Mrs. Gunter, Mrs. Keogh, Mrs. Rickman and Ms. Foster.

On Wednesday, March 14, second and third grade students at Greenfield Elementary celebrated Acts of Kindness Day.

The teachers dressed as Kindness Fairies of Honesty, Optimism, Perseverance, Bravery, Courage and Uniqueness. The teachers also brightened the hallway with a rainbow made of their students’ handprints. The project taught students how to persevere to finish the wall, help their teachers by contributing to the wall, and to cooperate with one another to make sure that the wall was appealing.  It shows off their artistic talents in the use of colors and symmetry. Most importantly, the teachers said, the rainbow signifies hope and serves to brighten everyone’s day.

Third grader Paxton Kirby gets help handprinting the wall from Mrs. Keogh.
Students Lexi Willard and a “blue” hand with Mrs. Keogh.
The finished The Rainbow Wall.