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Pam Dudding-Burch
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Dr. Gene Conti, author of the Triology Satan’s Gambit, said he enjoyed talking with his readers about the novel.

The phrase ‘let freedom ring’ has a different meaning in America today. Some agree and some disagree with that.

Dr. Gene Conti recently released his second novel of his trilogy, Satan’s Gambit: The Forces of Darkness Unleashed that articulates that it is easy for one to ‘see’ the truth of this fiction story, as they read the ever-enticing book.

Phil Spence, owner of The Emporium hosted him on Saturday, July 29, and many locals enjoyed the visit and conversation. “It is always fun to meet some of my readers,” Conti shared.

Satan’s Gambit is basically one novel. “I broke it up into a trilogy since no one has the time to read ‘War and Peace’ anymore,” Conti said with a smile. “I was informed also that series books are now popular.” The first book is titled, Satan’s Gambit: Battle Lines Are Drawn.
Conti is a civilian physician and has practiced Emergency Medicine now for well over 30 years. “I have seen many changes in medicine, and not all for the better,” he said. “I also bring some of this to the fore in my novel.”

Conti said that he seemed to be driven to write the book, as he felt a need to educate the public as to what and why there has been a radical change in our country over the last 50 or so years. Satan’s Gambit, which Conti believes is more fact than fiction, explains what caused this transformation in America.

The novel takes place in the very near future on an imaginary college campus where a Dr. Lucci leads his charges. Conti explained, “The students have signed up for a course called “The Matrix Exposed”, and slowly over a period of two semesters these millennials are presented the lies of the Matrix (government, globalists, etc.) realizing they have been lied to on a number of levels.”

“The students experience a fresh realization of what has occurred in the United States and why,” Conti added. The setting of most of the novel takes place in Virginia.

A moving part of the book reads; “Under our new banner which now flies above us all, we will truly have freedom, equality, and fellowship among men and women … Freedom of sexual partners, freedom of recreational pharmaceuticals. Everyone will be equal in all financial matters … Tolerance and equality are to be our watchwords. And unity with Mother Gaia our touchstone.” The crowd went wild, cheering, clapping…

“I found the book interesting on many levels. The choice of prose with numerous two to five page chapters provided a basis to profile and ‘bring to life’ many characters of different beliefs and backgrounds. The premise of ever-increasing government intervention is both very real and frightening,” Joe, a reader, shared.

Conti shared that he has also included storylines that will tend to reach into the reader’s individual lives regarding radical terrorism and what we currently are calling “the Deep State” (the Matrix) and its global as well as personal impact.

“The book is factual even though the characters and setting are fictitious,” Conti said. He shared that his resources of inspiration was “Much of the conservative literature that is trying to respond to the current culture move away from our established norms.”

It is commented from the first book that, “From radical jihadist terrorism to total governmental control, Conti’s compelling and thought-provoking novel exposes the new dystopian Orwellian future that is being thrust upon all of us.”

The novel covers all of the no-no topics of religion and politics, as well as science, economics, history, government and the Constitution. “This is not a summer read, it is not PC and is not meant to be a vanilla novel,” Conti shared. “It will hopefully stimulate much discussion and debate.”

“I have received many kudos from those who have already read it – primarily conservatives and libertarians,” Conti said. “To date no recalcitrant liberals have read it that I am aware of.”
“There was a super turnout at the Emporium!” Conti shared. “I met some great folks with some interesting conversation going back and forth.”

There are still a few signed copies of Books 1 and 2 of the Trilogy available at The Emporium in New Castle. They are also available on Kindle.

When asked how his third book would end, Conti would only disclose, “I have decided to have a mixed ending (since I am trying to predict the future) while still offering hope for humanity.”

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