Land Transfers for May 20 Edition

The following land transfers were recorded in the Botetourt County Courthouse in April. The names of only one seller and one buyer are listed; there may be others.

Spenser O. Bailey to Robert F. Hyatt, lot, Apple Tree Village, $342,500

• Dwayne Beachy, Trustee, to David B. Johnson, 0.647 acre, $500

David J. Bell to Matthew J. Weaver, 1.740 acres, $349,000

Joseph Blasiole Jr. to Robert D. McCormack, 2 parcels, $368,000

BLJ & Associates to Christopher A. Collins, lot, Botetourt Forest, $219,950

Mark D. Brown to Mason S. Jordan, 2.710 acres, $235,000

Stephanie R. Brown to Peter J. McGurran, 9.743 acres, $155,000

Harold J. Burns to Nathaniel A. Whiting, 0.392 acre, $95,000

Kenneth L. Clark to William G. Ayers, 0.295 acre, $180,000

Countryside Land Co. to Heidi K. Padgett, lot, Countryside Land Co., $44,900

Downtown Holdings to Centerfield, LLC, parcel, gift deed

Doyle Properties to Benjamin W. Silcox, 3.79 acres, $93,000

Jonathan R. Dyer to Jonathan S. Starkey, 9.085 acres, $302,000

Brian T. Elliott to Dewayne J. Hall, lot, Peachtree Valley, $312,000

Erbo Construction to William N Milona, lot, Sanderson Ridge, $377,292

ESF, LLC to M.W. Dunbar Construction, lot, Cottages of Steeplechase, $53,000

FR 1 Investments to Nicole A. Henegar, 0.286 acre, $141,000

W. Lyle Gleason Jr., Trustee, to Jonathan L. Gleason, 1/6th interest in 4 tracts, $0

Zachary L. Harlow to James P. Kern, Trustee, 3 acres, $70,000

Gerald L. Hubbard to Morgan J. Lowman, 150 acres, $660,000

Scott Andrew Huff to Richard L. Ryder, 20.238 acres, gift deed

David B. Johnson to Dwayne Beachy, Trustee, 6.252 acres, $93,780

Spencer A. Jones Sr. to Brittany M. Jones, 4.915 acres, gift deed

L&M Properties to Angela Sweetenberg, 3.320 acres, $115,000

Kenneth P. Lane Jr. to Ronald W. Ernest, lot, Santillane, $525,000

Layman Family, LLC to J. Allen Layman, 6 parcels, $745,666

Layman Family, LLC to John A. Layman Jr., 6 parcels, $198,348

Layman Family Properties, LLC to Layman Family, LLC, 0.092 acre, $0 quit claim deed

John A. Layman Jr. to JAL Jr., LLC, deed of contribution, 6 parcels, $0

Laymoore Development Co. to Arnetta R. Dandrea, lot, Village at Tinker Mountain, $235,000

Robert E. Lockhart to Phillip A. Ford, lot, Wetherwood, $350,000

Brian D. Lowdermilk to Jacob H. Fairburn, 2 acres, $259,500

Barbara T. McGullam to David F. Jones, 2 parcels, $49,356

Mark McIntosh to Tray A. Rives, lot, Ashley Plantation, $450,000

• Kenneth C. Michael to Jessica T. Graham, 4 lots, Iron Gate, $165,000

Carl Morris to Breeanna M. Vail, 1.02 acres, gift deed

Elisha V. Nicosta to Adam J. Volk, lot, Apple Tree Village, $253,000

Kenneth M. Olney to James W. Stokes, lot, Creekwood, $220,000

Nancy Haynes Pauley, by attorney, to Kellie H. Long, lot, Williamsburg Estates, $285,000

Drew T. Pearson to John D. Johnson, 0.762 acre, $523,000

PNC Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, parcel, $34,800

Bertha W. Ringley, Executrix, to Bayse Homes Inc., 0.451 acre, $4,050

Christie S. Robertson to Ashton D. Swortzel, lot, Wildwood, $259,950

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Emily N. Faust, 2.945 acres, $200,011

John P. Sengson to William A. Smith, 4 acres, $332,000

Richard V. Simpson to Johnny L. Broughman, 0.048 acre, gift deed

Timothy R. Smith to Benjamin C. Smith, lot, Wyndermere, $364,950

Joanne B. Snyder to Aaron C. DeMars, 1.414 acres, $240,000

Dale N. Spickard to Cavalier Development, lot, Ashley Plantation, $57,000

Sunny Family Properties to Daniel Collogan, lot, Williamsburg Court, $45,000

Brenda E. Switzer, Executrix, to Melvin T. Morgan Jr., lot, Blue Ridge Heights, $130,000

William Ray Teaford Jr. to Sally R. Johnson, 1 acre, $161,000

Helene M. Thaker to Emily M. Falls, lot, $184,500

Alvin Thomas to Roger W. Pannell, 2 parcels, $151,000

Janet L. Turner to William D. Shaw, lot, $309,000

Gerald W. Via to Dwayne Beachy, Trustee, 3.259 acre, $48,000

• Stephen K. Walker to Christopher K. Porter, lot, $490,000

• Wilson L. Webb to Matthew Tomblin, 2.252 acre, gift deed

Henry Lee Welch Jr. to Robert E. Brown, 2.358-acre lot, Deer Haven, $485,000

Gail H. White, Trustee, to Barbara D. Brown, no description listed, gift deed

Sheila A. Wilson to Chad A. Bennett, lot, Tinkerview Gardens, $232,000

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