Lawrence Companies recently held a blood drive and collected a total of 35 units– 30 whole units and three doubles – which means that up to 105 lives could be saved. It was the most lives saved in a Lawrence blood drive.

Giving the gift of life were: Jeff Carter, Chip Lawrence, Barry Holland, Hunter Deacon, Nick Grant, Walter Grigg, Matt Williams, Ryan Kidd, Heidi Flowers, Sherman Williams, Kevin Mendenhall, Clayton Gray, Dyra Hodges, Jake McDowell, Stefanie Brown, Tammy Swader, Ryan Kingery, Chris Padgett, Charles Vaughn, Delana Spence, Brian Sink, Tim St.Clair, Deidra Stultz, Albert Ashwell, Ronnie Huffman, Dustin Cole, Tracy Nester, Andrew Moran, Amanda Miller, Steven Owen, Peer Segelke and Jessica Flowers.

First-time donors were Hunter Deacon, Ryan Kidd, Deidra Stultz and Jessica Flowers, Visitors who donated were Cindy Holland, Tracy Huffman and Daniel Holter. Each of the first-time donors will receive a paid sick day. The drawing for a sick day winner was won by Ryan Kingery. Hunter Deacon won a $15 Kroger gift card.

CASE Roanoke had the most participants, so they got to choose their favorite color for President Barry Holland’s mustache and the color of choice was Lawrence Blue.