Letter to Sports


I read your column on a regular basis and find it mostly informative and always enjoy your good humor. This is in response to your article in the June 24, 2020 Fincastle Herald.

I am the sort of guy that if you are in need I will give you the shirt off my back. But, whether you are in need or not if you try to take the shirt off my back you are in for a fight.

You wrote, “The folks who are pushing for real change have found out how to get someone’s attention, and it’s not pretty.”  I agree with you, it’s not pretty and I see it like trying to take the shirt off my back.  

The symbols that these folks have chosen to attack I really find rather innocuous and from what I have been reading most other folks do too. In response to the tactics that have been chosen it has only galvanized my position and heightened my resistance to the petty changes demanded.

I would rather wait to some kinder, gentler period and change the name of the Redskins then, rather than being threatened with riot and destruction to make that change.

– Harold Cook


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