Botetourt Education Assoc. wearing red to support education


I’ve been a Spanish teacher for 13 years here in Botetourt County, and I also serve as president of the Botetourt Education Association. Like my colleagues, I do what I do because I love the work and the chance we all have to make a difference every day.

November 12-16 is American Education Week, a time set aside each year across our country to salute our public schools. Partnering with parents and community members, the public school employees in Botetourt County aim to help all students thrive.

On a typical school day, students are often greeted by someone, such as a bus driver, custodian, or teacher’s aide before they even get to their classroom. Why? Because educators care about students: We value each one and want them to know we’re here.

Many teachers arrive early and stay late every day. Most of the time it’s to prepare for the next day or to work with students. We do it because we care.

You may have noticed that many of us have been wearing red every Wednesday to show support for public education, and we invite you to join us. Show local educators you appreciate the important work they do. Show the state it’s time to adequately fund schools. Show our students we believe in them and will do all we can.

We work for you, and for all of us, and we need your backing. Please wear red and support the Botetourt public schools during American Education Week.

Melissa Amos

President, Botetourt Education Association


A cartoon that haunts forever


There is a cartoon in the Roanoke newspaper called “Pearls Before Swine.” For the lack of a better word, let me paraphrase the cartoon that was in the paper November 8.

In the first panel of the cartoon, a little kid runs up to his dad, who is sitting under a tree reading a book. The kid says, “Come play with me, Dad.” Dad says, “I just did. Now I’m reading. Remember, you get your time at the park and I get mine.”

In the second panel, one of the other characters in the cartoon says to the dad, “That’s smart. And just think, one day he won’t need your time at all.”

The third panel of the cartoon shows the kid on his dad’s shoulders, running through the park.

This cartoon will haunt me forever. Just think about it, you other dads out there. Time spent with your children is more important than anything.

Mark Woodie