Letters to the Editor

Asks for your vote for Griffin


I write in support of Mike Griffin for the next Commissioner of the Revenue of Botetourt County. I have known Mike personally for more than 20 years and have also dealt with him on a professional level as well. Mike’s bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and his 20+ years as a small business owner make him the most qualified candidate for the position. Please join me on June 11 and vote Mike Griffin as the Republican nominee for the Commissioner of the Revenue.
John R. Patterson


Former principal endorses Stritesky for sheriff


Experience, leadership and communication skills are three of the primary qualities required of a sheriff. Lt. Jeff Stritesky excels in all three.

Lt. Stritesky and I worked together for 12 years while I was principal at Lord Botetourt High School and he served as Resource Officer. I have seen his dedication to serving not only the students of Botetourt County, but the entire community as a whole. I have observed Lt. Stritesky deal with all citizens with care and sensitivity while maintaining his independent decision making even when under pressure from parents or other groups. We went through many crises over the years and I was always impressed with how Lt. Stritesky handled crises and his ability to manage people and resources. He has an outstanding ability to take command in any situation when needed.

During the years, he has developed a knowledge and expertise of the various duties and responsibilities of the office. As a leader in community organizations such as the Rotary Club, he has shown community leadership and focus on attaining positive goals. His leadership skills have been recognized within the Sheriff’s Office as he has risen in rank to sergeant and then lieutenant. As a ranking officer, he has understanding and experience in the many facets of running the office of sheriff.

Lt. Stritesky will work to foster and build community partnerships, working with civic groups, EMS, fire and human services for the benefit of our entire community. Lt. Stritesky will strengthen the Sheriff’s Office through staff development, empowerment, retention of good officers and positive community interaction. I have seen him bring out the best in coworkers and staff. He encourages others to take on responsibilities commensurate with their training and ability.

Lt. Stritesky understands technology and the need to constantly update methods, deal with issues such as the opioid crisis, and maintaining close relations with regional and state law enforcement agencies. He is the best candidate for an increasingly challenging position and will best face the needs ahead and the unique requirements of Botetourt County.

His energy, his genuine interest in the people of Botetourt County, his honesty, his wonderful wife and family, his dedication to the law, his openness to all ideas and his outstanding experience and credentials in law enforcement make Lt. Stritesky a candidate that all of us can support. Please join with me in voting for Lt. Stritesky for sheriff of Botetourt County either on June 11 or vote early through the Registrar’s Office.

Alan S. Brenner


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