Letters to the Editor – August 2nd, 2017

Encourages folks to come to Fincastle Frolic on Aug. 11 to keep it alive


I would like to encourage the Town of Fincastle to come out and get “frolicky” on Friday, Aug. 11 for the fifth annual Fincastle Frolic. If we end up with a poor turnout, I’m afraid this may end up as the final Frolic for this sweet little town.

Five years ago, the Sunshine Girls were renting a small office in Fincastle and wanted to have a block party on South Roanoke Street. After talking to other individuals and businesses who wanted to participate, we decided to make it a town-wide party, and we named it the Fincastle Frolic. The Frolic is an open house event, designed to encourage the local community to come together for an evening of fun.

At the Frolic, you can meet and greet neighbors, enjoy some refreshments, step into the courthouse and get a Botetourt history lesson from Clerk of Circuit Court Tommy Moore, tour historical buildings, and visit the museum free of charge. Bring the kids and enjoy some fun games and activities, including rock painting, which is all the rage right now (see facebook: Botetourt Rocks). Virginia Mountain Vineyard will have a wine room in the HLT building on the corner of S. Roanoke and Main, and there will be live music on the street corners as well! The Fincastle Library will definitely not be quiet, as they will be offering a DJ “open mic” night, as well as local authors available for book signing.

The Fincastle Frolic is a street party for the local community, as well a chance to show off our town to visitors who may have never seen all that we have to offer! If you love the Fincastle Frolic and want it to continue, or if you have never attended before, please come out on Friday, Aug. 11 and have a “frolicking” good time!

Lee Minnix

Troutville Sunshine Girl


Appreciates support for Angel Tree Project


The Abate of Va. Inc., PMC, Buchanan Fire Department and Buchanan Moose Lodge 2182 would like to thank everyone for coming out to support the Angel Tree Project/Christmas in July event on July 1 to benefit the Buchanan/Eagle Rock area.

Everyone had a good ride, good fellowship, good food and just a great time. We raised over $1,000, plus all the toys that were collected.

We would like to thank all the businesses and individuals who helped us by donating their time, merchandise or money to us: Edwards Cycle Service, Hugh’s Transport, Texaco (at Exit 162), Swinging Bridge Café, Town of Buchanan, BB&T, Ransone’s Drug, Ransone’s Grill, Stylin’ Shed (and Mitzi), Happy Food Mart, Mt. Joy RV & Hardware, Blue Ridge Farm Equipment, D&J Produce, Buchanan Theatre, Good Times, Hilltop Grocery, J. Jordan’s, Twin Rivers, Stop In/Burger King, Lew’s, Don Ho’s, Schooners, Advance Auto (Daleville and Williamson Road), Altec (via Jimmy Bailey), Greg Anderson, Mickey Helms, Ben Thrasher, Jimmy Bailey, Jimmy and Vicki Eubank, Eric Metz, Steve Hubbard and Pat Williams.

Thanks to all. Here’s hoping next year will be even bigger and better!

Tarie Metz, Treasurer

Abate of Va. Inc., PMC


Things that used to be common, but not so much anymore


The sun rises and the sun sets. Technically, that’s not really what is happening, but who does not enjoy these two occurrences?

I cherish them.

On another note, how about the birds and the bees? This is not a subject many parents really want to discuss with their children, but that is not what I’m talking about.

When is the last time you heard a bobwhite call? How about an Eastern Meadowlark?

If you have a yard like mine, have you seen honeybees flying around collecting nectar from the clover there? I did not see any honeybees on the tassels of the corn in my garden this year. I saw a garter snake a couple of weeks ago. It was the first one I’ve seen in years.

Have you seen a green snake recently? What about toads and bullfrogs? I notice these things where I live. I do not see or hear them much anymore.

These things used to be common, but not so much anymore. Why is this?

In my opinion, certain agricultural practices and various types of land development play a major part in this.

This will not affect my generation. I’m an old guy. It may not affect my children or even my grandchildren too much, but one day it will affect future generations.

I guess the sun will still rise and set.

Mark Woodie


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