Letters to the Editor for April 15 Edition

Inmate praises staff at Botetourt County Jail


I am currently incarcerated in the Botetourt/Craig Regional Jail. I want your readers to know some of the things the deputies do at the jail.

The medical staff members are wonderful; they are caring and friendly. Ms. Scruggs greets us every morning with a smile to give out morning medication. Carly always helps us touch base with the doctor, and Ms. Patterson is so dedicated – she comes in at 4 a.m. to take care of the sick and diabetic. Garland lightens our moods and makes our day better by laughter. And Perrin always has a kind word for everyone.

The other lieutenant and sergeants are fine officers, as well. But the one shift that makes our day is Lt. Price and his three co-workers. Sgt. D.J. Franklin is a great conversationalist and helps us find important things we need, such as addresses and court dates. But as a whole, Sgt. Franklin, Deputy G.B. Benopiot, and Deputy R.S. Ward, together as a team, try to make things better for us by laughter. They have a whimsical way about them. They show us they care about us.

It makes our day go by faster and for a while we don’t have to think about where or why we’re here. All in all, the jail has so many special people working there.

Betty J. Kearns

G-Pod, Botetourt County Jail

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