Letters to the Editor for June 10 Edition

Rieley asks for votes for Botetourt GOP chairman


Dear citizens of Botetourt County: I am Greg Rieley, a lifelong supporter of the Republican Party, and Fincastle Magisterial District chairman of three years. I am requesting your vote for the chairman of the Botetourt County Republican Party on June 15.

My family has lived in the Blue Ridge, Troutville, and Fincastle areas of Botetourt for 10 generations and I have worked in the financial services industry for a Fortune 500 company for 22 years. My roots in Botetourt, and my activities as a local Republican, coupled with my grasp of the financial system, uniquely prepare me to serve my fellow conservatives as the county Republican Party chairman. As a Reaganesque Republican, I advocate limited government, peace through strength, and fiscal conservatism through lower taxes and the separation of government funds from corporate America–in essence, I believe you know how to spend your money, raise your children, and run your businesses better than the government does!

This entire country, Botetourt included, is in an unprecedented, challenging time; we need strong Republican leadership that is well versed in today’s local political landscape. Our liberal Governor Northam can reach into every Virginia county through his Commonwealth offices and it is essential that a true grassroots effort rises to combat the unconstitutional tyranny the governor foments, even at the local level. We need unbiased, independent thinkers with good moral and social compasses who have the freedom to resist the extremist policies of Ralph Northam and Nancy Pelosi.

Now, more than ever, it is crucial to elect the right leaders in the right position to combat the threats to our God-given Constitutional rights, especially our 2nd Amendment rights; threats that come actively from the liberals in northern and urban Virginia, and passively through inaction at the local level. We need leaders who will educate and illustrate for the next generation the importance of conservative principles to prevent our young people from defecting to the other side of the aisle.

I believe that as your Republican chairman, I am best poised to tackle the tough issues that Botetourt County faces. Our children are looking to us for leadership on problems like the stranglehold that Interstate 81 has on our local economy, to the new roof Lord Botetourt High School has needed for years (and which was funded three times in the last 20 years yet never has been completed), to the wasting of taxpayer funds on questionable businesses that have no community commitment to Botetourt. We cannot allow the state and county debt obligations resulting from wrong actions on these issues to fetter our children in fiscal liability and tax burden for decades to come.

I would like to promote a more family-friendly Botetourt County Republican Party, with events that will appeal to the whole family and prepare our children for vibrant, reasoned, engaged civic lives. By welcoming families’ participation in the Republican Party, we can help advocate for the concerns important to Botetourt families.

I believe we need to be prepared for any situation that arises and meet the challenges unique to Botetourt County with honesty, integrity, diligence, and a strong moral compass. I believe that I am the right person to lead the Republican Party in Botetourt County on these issues in 2020.

I appreciate your vote of confidence. Thank you.

Greg Rieley



This is not the time for tax increase


During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic and the loss of jobs due to same, the county needs to seriously look at rolling back the reappraisal of property recently done to increase the county tax base.
Now is not the time for residents to be digging deeper when they cannot. With the increase in prices for necessary essentials, such as toilet paper if found to buy, to gas prices increasing, but stay at home being in place, why are prices increasing? Greed is a common sin in these days of hardship we are trying to survive.
Times change so quickly and the changes we see today are like something we’ve never seen in our lifetime and we shall not have a normal life like we had. This new normal is here to stay and the life-changing norm is hard for all.
Now is not the time to increase the tax base on families that is but hard by these times we all are experiencing. Give the county residents a break. I know the county is experiencing the same but still be caring enough not to increase the hardship.
God bless our county.
Anthony Wilkerson


Donations help fund hanging baskets in Fincastle


The Town of Fincastle is hanging 40 flower baskets around town in June. Town businesses and citizens have generously contributed to help fund this effort. We would not be able to continue with this project without your support. Contributions can be sent to the Town Office. Please make checks out to the Town of Fincastle and mail to P.O. Box 250, Fincastle, 24090.

Thank you for helping beautify our town.

David Tickner,

Joan Boothe,

Town of Fincastle


Supports Rieley for GOP chair


I support Greg Rieley 100 percent for the chairmanship of the Botetourt Republican Party.

I support him for the simple reason that he ISN’T a politician!

If we can get rid of politicians and lawyers and get more common folks involved, maybe they would actually start making decisions that are good for the majority of people and not for special interest groups.

I’m voting for Greg, how about you?

Mike Allred



Rieley concerned about the future of Botetourt


I believe Greg Rieley is the best choice for Botetourt County Republican chairman. He is passionate about the history of the county and will work to promote our culture. He is concerned about the future of Botetourt and is not afraid to tackle the issues within the party. He believes there has been a breakdown in communication between county leaders and citizens and thinks that the Republican Party is the best avenue to bridge that gap.

Greg is a Pro-Life, Pro 2nd Amendment Conservative. He believes in the restoration of real conservative issues to the Republican Party. In recent years, we have seen too much compromise between the Republican Party and Gov. Northam. He believes he can grow the party and encourage the Botetourt Young Republicans. He wants to bring about a change in the party by holding family friendly events countywide. He believes we need to rid the party of stereotypes and transform it into a modern, functional group.

I believe the county will benefit from his election as chairman. Greg is capable of fostering close relationships with businesses and citizens alike who believe in conservative values. Greg attends Daleville Baptist church and upholds these values. He is not a RINO (Republican in name only) and believes the 70 percent of county residents who identify with the Republican Party need to be brought into the party. I firmly believe Greg will work diligently to bring more members in and explain our purpose more effectively.

Please vote for Greg Rieley on June 15 at Read Mountain Middle School from 5-7 p.m.

Rowen Miller 

Mill Creek

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