Appreciates opportunity to serve on board


Thank you, Botetourt County.

It has been my honor to have served the citizens of Botetourt County and the residents of the Amsterdam District on the Board of Supervisors for the last four years. I would like to express my sincere thank you for the opportunity to be part of our county’s leadership.

My term has seen some changes and the county has achieved a lot in a short amount of time. We have seen leadership changes as we welcomed a new county administrator, economic development director and new leadership throughout the staff. But we had to mourn the loss of a great fire and EMS chief as well. We have celebrated the growth of our existing businesses and welcomed several new businesses to our community.

The board has had to make some difficult and complex decisions, as well. But as part of a Board of Supervisors that has worked hard for the people of Botetourt County, I am proud that we have set foundations for the county to build upon as future opportunities emerge and develop.

Through our strategic planning process, the county now has a great vision that will guide the growth and development of the county for the next 20 to 25 years. This vision has set future goals in so many areas. I am proud to have been part of the leadership team that has put in place:

  • A solid foundation for the Greenfield industrial park so that the county will finally see a positive Return on Investment on the taxpayer money spent to purchase and develop that project over the previous 20 years
  • A foundation to turn Exit 150 into a Gateway that will be a one-of-a-kind destination along Interstate 81 in Virginia
  • A new foundation with our School Board and administration that will build our schools into a showpiece system within the Commonwealth
  • A foundation for continued and improving fiscal management and policy so the county cannot only continue to meet our financial obligations, but prosper while doing so
  • A foundation for revitalizing and reenergizing our very important agricultural economy, businesses and families so that we never lose our agricultural heritage
  • And a foundation for community development that is embodied in the YMCA and Addie Grace Foundation projects, as well as new greenways and recreation facilities

It is upon these foundations on which Botetourt County will continue to grow as the leader within the Roanoke Valley in economic development, quality of life and education. And it is upon these foundations that Botetourt can grow our tax base and reap the benefits set in motion over the last four years that will help build our new schools, our new libraries and our new fire stations, further making Botetourt County a wonderful place to work, live and raise a family.

As my term on the board concludes, I want to thank the citizens of Botetourt County and the residents of the Amsterdam District for the opportunity to serve our county. I also want to wish the new board all the best as they begin 2018. And challenge them to maintain the momentum created over the past four years; consider each opportunity on its own merit and how it will help the county move forward; and put the county first in all decisions.

Todd Dodson

Former Member,

Board of Supervisors

Amsterdam District


Strongly endorses Fincastle boundary adjustment


The following comments address the proposed Fincastle Town Boundary change.

My wife and I discovered Fincastle 20 years ago while on vacation. After affirming our first impressions of this delightful town, its beautiful setting, with warm and welcoming residents, we bought our home and settled into the community. Our property is unique in that it straddles the present boundary between the town and the county. A majority of our 17+ acres and most of our outbuildings are in the county, while our residence is in the town. Thus, we had many questions about how any changes would impact us should our entire property fall within the proposed new town boundary.

I attended the December 19 Fincastle community open house regarding the proposed boundary changes. It is my opinion that the community open house achieved its goal of informing those of us who might be affected of the facts surrounding the proposal to expand the town boundaries. The open house was well organized, the presenters were well informed, the information available was factual and complete as to the proposal. Not all the presenters were experts in every field but there were experts available for every field. I took the time to read the very informative handouts first and then direct my questions or requests for clarification/elaboration of what I had read to the appropriate experts. After listening to several discussions and asking questions, here is what I learned – should the boundary adjustment be approved:

  • My taxes will not be affected
  • Zoning of my property will not be affected
  • I will have a voice in the future development of our fine town

Knowing what I know now, I will strongly endorse the proposed Town Boundary adjustment at both the Fincastle Town Council public hearing, scheduled for January 11, and the Botetourt County Board of Supervisors public hearing scheduled for January 23.

Chuck Geiger



Supports Bryant for Buchanan mayor, and Fincastle boundary adjustment


I typically reserve expressing my opinion on local government issues, simply because I feel they are just that– local government issues. However, being a lifelong resident of Buchanan and serving in county government for 16 years, I feel there are two issues before local government that I should reflect on.

First, the appointment of the mayor to fulfill the term of Larry Hall who recently resigned his position. In the tradition of dedicated service of past Mayors Stull Carson, Larry Hiner, Rex Kelly, Tom Middlecamp and Larry Hall, my greatest fear has always been who will step up with qualifications in a small town with a population of only 1,200 residents.

Fortunately, someone has always stepped forward and risen to the occasion, leading with dedication and commitment.

Again, we now have an individual who grew up in the community, attended Virginia Tech, received a Master’s Degree in Public Administration willing to step forward. Craig Bryant has submitted a letter of intent to Town Council asking to be considered for the mayor position.

I have personally known Craig all of his life, he is an outstanding young family man, dedicated to community service.

Craig has been a volunteer fireman, scout leader and involved in many other community activities.

Craig is uniquely qualified to provide impartial and professional leadership and focus for the Town Council and can provide valuable input into hiring decisions regarding the town manager and town attorney. I endorse and encourage Town Council to appoint Craig Bryant as mayor of the Town of Buchanan

The second issue deals with the proposed boundary adjustment for the Town of Fincastle. Recent events, like those in Buchanan, reinforce the need to increase the pool of candidates to serve on Town Council and in other leadership positions.

I therefore endorse the boundary expansion of Fincastle and encourage the residents to involve themselves in their local government.

Delegate Terry L, Austin

19th District, Va. House of Delegates