Retired lieutenant endorses Matt Ward for sheriff



To the citizens of Botetourt County, this is an exciting and pivotal time in law enforcement here in Botetourt County, and one as citizens we should not take lightly. My law enforcement career spans 25 years in two departments, first Roanoke County and the last 21 years here in Botetourt County. I have served in many capacities, but have maintained a front line position in law enforcement my entire career, retiring as a patrol lieutenant.

I have been there through Matt Ward’s career and had the opportunity to work with him throughout those 20 years. I have seen Matt work to build relationships with the people and families of this community, both on and off duty. His efforts do not come from a deep-rooted political motivation, but a genuine concern for the community and its citizens. Matt is not a “groomed politician,” he is a United States Marine, an experienced deputy sheriff, the son of Nellie Hayden Ward and a native son of Botetourt County.

In the coming months many will talk about “making a change” and “leading into the future,” but what it boils down to is this. Who has been on the highways and roadways of this county, and seen the issues first hand? Who has listened to your concerns and understands them? Who has worked all hours of the day and night, and all seasons to protect and serve? That is the uniformed deputy who responds to your call, who faces what you fear and yet still comes– the type of deputy Matt Ward has been.

Matt’s strong belief that “you don’t have to reinvent the wheel” is a testament to how far the department has come, and to the great potential and professionalism the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office possess. Those very same deputies who swore to protect you, your family and your property.

I am asking you to join me in supporting Matt Ward for the sheriff of Botetourt County!

K.S. McClure

Retired Lieutenant

Botetourt County Sheriff’s Office



Ward appreciates invitations, but duty must come first



I want to thank everyone for your gracious invitations to the meetings and events of our various organizations in Botetourt. Though I am running for sheriff, my first priority is to serve you in my current capacity as a Botetourt County sheriff deputy.
While meeting you is my favorite part of this endeavor, prior obligations mean that I won’t be able to attend everything that I am invited to. Sometimes my work schedule will simply not allow me to. Many of my prior obligations were scheduled before recent public forums were announced. For that reason, I ask for your understanding if I am unable to join you for one of your organizations functions.
I am grateful and humbled for the interest our community has shown in my desire to serve you as sheriff, and I intend to meet as many people as possible so that I can listen to your thoughts and concerns and answer your questions. I will continue to host meet-and-greets and look forward to visiting with you in your neighborhoods and around the community.
Please do not hesitate to contact me as we continue to discuss what matters most to you: ensuring that Botetourt remains a safe and peaceful place to raise a family.
Matthew T. Ward
Candidate for Botetourt County Sheriff