By Aila Boyd

Drugs, firearms, and solicitation of murder charges have resulted in Christopher Michael McGee, of Louisiana, being sentenced to eight years in jail last month.

Christopher Michael McGee
Photo provided by the Botetourt County Sheriff’s Office

McGee appeared in Botetourt Circuit Court on March 19.

McGee, along with Kendrick M. Wells and Chelsea Jolynn Kangas, was stopped by a trooper during a traffic stop on Interstate 81 in Botetourt County on July 17, 2018 for suspicion of driving while under the influence.

Wells was the driver of the vehicle, which had been rented by McGee.

Upon pulling the car over, the officer found drugs, including marijuana, cocaine and heroin, and firearms in the back. It was discovered that one of the firearms was stolen and the other had been reported missing, both from the Louisiana area.

All three individuals were placed under arrest shortly after that. Both Wells and McGee were already convinced felons.

Kangas eventually made bond; however, both McGee and Wells remained in custody.

While being housed at the Botetourt jail, a letter written by McGee was discovered by jail personnel in which he asked an associate of his to request that Kangas accept responsibility for the firearms and drugs due to the assumption that she wouldn’t be punished as harshly as both he and Wells would because of their criminal records.

According to Commonwealth’s Attorney John Alexander, the letter suggested that if Kangas didn’t comply, the recipient of the letter should contact someone by the name of “Shorty” and detailed how Kangas should be killed and disposed of.

A special agent from the State Police investigated the matter and was able to identify an individual who matched the description of “Shorty,” who was an associate of McGee’s, and the intended recipient of the letter. Additionally, the special agent located a place in Louisiana that geographically matched the description of the place in which McGee had suggested Kangas’ body should be disposed of.

The recipient of the letter did contact Kangas, but didn’t suggest that she should accept responsibility or menace her in anyway.

There didn’t seem to be any actual follow through on the solicitation,” Alexander said.

An agreement between McGee and the Commonwealth’s Attorney was reached in which the drug charges were dropped and he pled guilty to the possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. The firearm charge carries a two-year mandatory sentence.

McGee also pled guilty to solicitation of murder, which carries a sentence of 20 years with 14 years being suspended after he serves six. The solicitation of murder charge carries with it a five-year probation.

In total, McGee is looking at spending eight years behind bars.

Wells, of Louisiana, pled guilty and was released on time served late last year and is currently on probation.
Kangas’ situation has yet to be resolved. She is from Mississippi.