Alex Webb, 13, won the teen and adult division.
The youth division.
Ten-year-old Kaeli Berry is the winner of the youth division.

The 12th Annual Music Recital of Mike Lee’s Students was very much a success in a number of ways.

There was music of different levels and genres performed in fine fashion. Ages from 6 to 72 were playing and singing their hearts out to a record number of listeners. Lee would estimate that there were over 500 people present. Some folks came for a couple of hours and about 50 die-hard fans stayed the entire seven hours.

Thanks to the Attic Productions for a fine venue and John Lawson for providing quality sound. David Austin and Molly Austin were great helpers on stage making the students feel at ease. This event always opens with prayer and the national anthem and helps us feel that American pride that we should uphold.

The more advanced students enjoy making this a contest but Lee stresses that the students should have fun and enjoy the day. Warren Amberson, Kelly Green and Keith Wood were judges but stressed that all of the students were winners as it takes a lot of nerve and courage to get on stage.

Winners of the youth division were Kaeli Berry, first place; Sawyer Mullins, second place; Justin Broughman, third place; and Griffin Davidson, fourth place.

The young ones were asked to sit down front and study the other students as they performed. Lee said he was very impressed with their attentiveness. They were also asked to pick whom they thought was the best performer as if they were a judge. This year the students’ choice was Kaeli Berry, who did an original composition, “Hands Up High,” as one of her selections.

Robynn Jaymes was special guest and motivational speaker and she encouraged the students to write their own songs, giving other tips as well.

Winners of the teen and adults division were Alex Webb, first; Charlotte Ivy, second; Lilli Clevenger, third; and tied for fourth place were Bailey Marshall, DeeAnn Tickner and Wyatt Smith.

Lee is planning to do a Christmas recital at a local church this year and plans to do a fall recital instead of a spring recital. A special thanks to some anonymous donors, those who gave at the door and the sole paid sponsor. Brugh’s Mill Country Store.