Report from Dr. Molly O’Dell for August 26 Edition

By: Dr. Molly O’Dell

Life has been a challenge the last few months as we all find ways to live safely and continue to meet our social, emotional, and financial needs. Coming into our sixth month of COVID-19, I know COVID fatigue is settling in. I checked in with a few community members to see how they are staying careful and vigilant in their day-to-day activities. 

My husband and I have limited our time outside of the house. We’ve had most of our groceries delivered, are cooking more at home, and on those rare occasions when we don’t, we order takeout or have food delivered. I exercise at home instead of going to the gym and we hike our favorite trails as a regular workout. We have had a few people over to eat outside in the backyard at a distance, and my husband recently had to help our son move to Boston, but he was careful to limit his time in contact with anyone else, and to always wear a mask. We keep hand sanitizer in all the cars and use it every time we get back in the vehicle. Our son has been really good about quarantining and following the Massachusetts guidelines, which are more strict than we have in Virginia.”

~ Beth Macy

I don’t leave home without my mask, gloves and hand sanitizer. I wash my hands when possible or use sanitizer frequently. I make sure that I maintain social distance from people. The only place that I have gone where there are 10 or more people gathered together is a funeral. While there, I made sure I sat at least six feet from the nearest person(s).

My agency has sanitizer stations throughout its various locations. Signs are also posted throughout our facilities that state: No hugging or shaking hands, masks and social distance are required, screening is conducted for everyone that enters our facilities, including employees. The screening includes questions regarding the symptoms of COVID-19. We recently added temperature scans. We require that staff stay at home if sick and have a telecommuting policy that provides opportunity for staff to work remotely.”

~ Annette Lewis 

Moving throughout my day is easy, in that I work at home in my art studio and don’t need to go out at present. (I am a fine artist and my studio and gallery are closed at present to visitors to maintain safety.) I view this as a perfect time to concentrate on my art; building inventory, and studying all the art books and notes from countless museum trips (that I have yet to synthesize into my creative process.) It is a time of “Research and Development” that life never afforded me before, so I’m excited to have the time to pursue the hundreds of sketches and concepts waiting to become paintings.”

~ Eric Fitzpatrick 

As you can see, people have found their own rhythm in the midst of all this change. I believe it is important to find activities and passions that are safe and feed our soul during this difficult time. That is one way to ensure that we can motivate ourselves to continue to follow the public health guidance and keep ourselves and one another safe. How are you fighting fatigue and staying vigilant?

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