Small businesses in Christiansburg now have a new voice. “The BuRG” met for the first time in May and is now holding regular meetings at a local coffee shop.

Merissa Sachs is the government liaison for The BuRG and said the business advocacy group was formed to support the needs of small business on multiple levels.

“After hearing the plights of our business neighbors, we felt a local business group was needed to support each other and to work with the town of Christiansburg on how to better improve our relationship and foster growth for everyone,” she said.

During a meeting last week, the group discussed how new sign policies in the town could drastically affect them. This month, they plan to meet with Chris Tuck, chairman of the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors

Any small business owner in the New River Valley can join the group. There is currently no fee to become a member.

“Just show your support and share your knowledge and time as you are able,” Sachs said.

The group meets every third Thursday of each month at Lucy Monroe’s on Roanoke Street in Christiansburg.

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