Teens enjoyed getting their moms out on the dance floor to dance the ‘Shuffle’

Pam Dudding-Burch Contributing writer

Upon entering the gym, the technology of today’s light system let people know immediately that they were at a dance. “We’ve come a long way from the little glass ball in the ceiling,” someone jokingly said as the strobe lights danced to the music and circled the entire gym.

Robin Nobles and her volunteers worked diligently to host two dances. On Friday, March 17, there was a dance for teens and a dance for adults on Saturday, March 18. Both were provided by music and lights by ‘David’s Live Sound’, David Givens, D.J.

“The St. Paddy’s day dances went well,” Nobles said. “Both, the kids and adults seemed to have a fun time.” There were nice door prizes and even a hula-hoop contest at both dances.

The teens enjoyed the shuffle. Some tugged at their mom’s arms until they got out on the floor to join the fun. “This kind of family fun is what keeps kids close to home and families together,” someone commented as they looked on. Smiles and laughter told the whole story.

Couples enjoyed the slow dance at Club Camp Mitchell’s first adult dance.

The adult dance started a little slow, and Nobles was unsure if it was going to be a success. By 8:30 p.m., however, 25 people had showed up. Givens flooded the atmosphere with every genre of music possible, but found that the ‘good ole country’ music seemed to get the best reactions. The first slow dance, “She’s Everything To Me” quickly brought out seven couples. From then on, the dance floor was fully of happy people having a good time.

The song “YMCA” didn’t bring people on the floor, but several were making the well-known arm movements on the sidelines. “We almost didn’t come tonight, as we weren’t sure about it,” one lady shared. “But, we are having a blast and we plan to be back for the next one and bring some friends.”

Nobles shared that the $300 raised was used to pay the DJ as well as purchase oil to heat the gym.

Next month there are plans to have a dance specifically for all children. “However, kids under eight will need an adult or teenager with them,” Nobles said. “Also, we are trying to line up a live band for the adults.”

The goals are to have a variety of events at Club Camp Mitchell. A requested Indoor Flea Market is to be held in April. The CCM Board is double-checking all other community events before they choose a date. Tables will be available for rent at a cost of five dollars for members and $10 for non-members. To reserve a table, one may stop by Club Camp Mitchell or Hutch on Main, or contact Robin Nobles via Facebook Craig Rockets.

The recent good news in support was that a local church donated $1500 to have the roof fixed. “It is getting warmer and the roof is shrinking which means the water will start coming back in, so this was such good news for us,” Nobles said. They hope to have it fixed and painted in the next few weeks.

The consensus of CCM Board and volunteers is for Club Camp Mitchell to have events for all ages and often. CCM is still open three days a week and the schedule is posted on Craig Rockets. “If anyone has an idea, please share it with us as CCM is CommUNITY,” the Board shared. “The more ideas we get from the community, the more everyone will be pleased and be willing to support it.”

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