Pam Dudding-Burch
Contributing writer

35 – Corey Trivette (first place) and 21 – Donnie Wayne Fisher (second place). PJ Welch (56) and Derek Dudding (13) both tied for third place.

There’s nothing like going out of town for an event and seeing your own ‘hometown’ boys take the wins.

This year, at the New River Valley Fair, the grandstand and the side bleachers were packed, as the announcer kept asking people ‘scoot a little closer’ so more could get in.

Engines revved and tires spewed dirt and mud, but nothing was louder than the sounds of ‘Craig County’ being repeated over and over again after each driver’s name was announced.

Like any derby, there were hits and more hits. “One thing about those CC boys is, no matter where they go, they give you a show,” one spectator shouted to his buddy. “They don’t hold back.”

And neither did they at the NRV Derby. Though they were the majority, it seemed that as each heat started, the same bell rang clear, “It’s each to his own boys!”

With crumbled up rears, busted radiators, blown tires, flames flying and parts that were coming off everywhere in abundance, handshakes still ended each heat. “This is a buddy sport,” shared one driver. “You don’t go in there mad… just determined to win.”

Many times the grandstand rose to their feet in awe of the intensity of the hits and to see if anyone was hurt. But only a couple seconds would lapse and the car would rev back up and be in the middle of the competition again.

Drivers from Craig included; Corey Trivette, PJ Welch, Derek Dudding, Justin Dudding, Donnie Wayne Fisher, Jeremiah Law, Jay Law and Ethan Brown. “We came to have some fun and we did,” seemed to be the chiming comments of the drivers as they smiled while many of their cars were being towed out of the ring.

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