nTelos has announced the expansion of local calling between Eagle Rock, Fincastle, Clifton Forge, Covington and Potts Creek.

Linda Steele, nTelos director of Wireline Marketing, said nTelos has made significant changes in the way long distance and local calls are handled between the Eagle Rock (884), Fincastle (473),  Clifton Forge (862, 863), Covington (962, 965, 969) and Potts Creek (747) exchanges to benefit customers in Botetourt and the Alleghany Highlands.

Effective August 1, calls among these exchanges are free local calls and will incur no long distance charges.

Customers can now use 7-digit dialing between those exchanges, and there is no increase in the local calling rates for those customers either.

The change required State Corporation Commission approval and extensive work by nTelos engineers in call routing equipment, and Steele called it a “win-win” for the company’s customers.

Fincastle District Supervisor Donna Vaughn and Assistant Botetourt County Administrator Spencer Suter worked with nTelos to facilitate the change.

On behalf of the county, Vaughn lauded nTelos for its “important work to serve the best interest of its customers and to respond quickly to their concerns and needs.”