First, I would like to say thank you to all the people who have shown support for Matt Ward by “liking, sharing and commenting” on Matt Ward for Sheriff’s Facebook page and asking for signs and other ways to help support Matt.

I am a retired lieutenant with the Botetourt County Sheriff’s Office with nearly 30 years of service. I have had the opportunity to work with many good fellow officers throughout my career as a patrol supervisor, including Matt Ward. From the time Matt started on the auxiliary unit, until the time I retired in 2014, I have witnessed Matt grow and mature into a very fine officer. I have witnessed him in all capacities and phases of the job. Matt has all the qualities, experience, and fortitude to lead the Botetourt County Sheriff’s Office as sheriff.

Matt is the only candidate that can say he has driven over 450,000 miles on patrol in Botetourt County, working day and night to help ensure the safety of the citizens here in Botetourt County, the protection of our businesses and our property. He is the only candidate that is directly connected to us, the citizens of Botetourt County. Matt is not just full of empty campaign promises or just lip service, he is not a groomed politician so to speak, he knows what the citizens need and what the department needs to take it to the highest level possible.

If Matt is elected sheriff, you will not just see him during election time, you will still continue to see him out here, still connecting with the citizens, attending functions within the county, visiting businesses and just lending an ear to anyone that may have concerns. That is just how Matt is. All the people who have shown support so far already know this. Matt will surround himself with the best personnel possible and this will help with being one of the best sheriff offices in the state.

So as a close friend and former coworker of Matt, I ask you to please go to the polls and vote for Matt Ward. Show him your appreciation for all the years of service and dedication he has given to our county.

  1. J. Ulrich