Dr. Megan Seibel has been appointed Virginia’s Deputy Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry by Gov. Terry McAuliffe.

Seibel, who owns a beef cattle and wine grape operation in Blue Ridge with her family, has been serving as Assistant Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry since last fall.

Previously, she served for six years she worked with hundreds of growers, ranchers, local, state and national government officials, consumers, regulatory agencies and others who are involved in the agriculture and forestry industries as the first director for the Virginia Agriculture Leaders Obtaining Results (VALOR) Program at Virginia Tech.

She is also the Associate Director for the Center of Cooperative Problem Solving at Virginia Tech and an Associate Fellow of the Occupational Research Centre in the UK.

Seibel received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from James Madison University, her Master of Science in Career and Technical Education from Virginia Tech, and her Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural and Extension Education from Virginia Tech.