By Aila Boyd

The STEM camp that Dr. Beth Leffel leads every year took place last week at the Eagle Rock Library.

Running from Monday through Thursday, the camp offered participants the ability to learn about chemistry, electricity, nature, health, and technology through an assortment of engaging activities.

“Each day we talked about a different discipline,” she explained. “They learned about chemistry by doing pH experiments. They learned about biology by talking about infectious diseases. By modeling the spread of an infectious disease, they learned about health. A couple people were mosquitoes. They went around and bit each other. We learned about physics by talking about gravity— acceleration and velocity.”

Leffel noted that the camp nearly doubled in size this year with 16 participants. Because of the increase in participants, preliminary discussions are under way about possibly moving the camp up the street next year to Eagle Rock Elementary School.

“The objective for the camp was to learn about the different types of scientists and the different concepts in science,” she said. “But mainly, it was about letting them have fun.”