Supervisors issue statement on COVID-19, announce resource website

The Botetourt County Board of Supervisors, which includes Billy Martin, chairman, Dr. Mac. Scothorn, vice chairman, Dr. Richard Bailey, Stephen Clinton, and Ray Sloan, has issued the following statement in regard to COVID-19:

“We are living in historic and unprecedented times in the modern era. In each of our lifetimes, we cannot recall a situation that has had such a broad and near immediate impact on daily life and relationships. Our routines are altered; our gatherings are quiet; our homes are full of remote workers. We realize stress is in every direction. With all of this going on, we remind ourselves to cherish each and every moment while also being constantly vigilant and staying six feet away even from loved ones.

“However, now is also a time of assurance that this shall pass as well! In every large crisis in our history, for 250 years in Botetourt County, our people have persevered and helped each other come out stronger than before. We all can do our part by doing the following:

  • Stay at home
  • Call 911 only for real emergencies
  • Help neighbors get supplies when you must go out
  • Order take-out or delivery and maybe leave a little bit more tip
  • Donate to worthy causes helping those in the community
  • Be kind

“During this crisis, your local government is also in full swing to assist. Even though we have closed the offices, libraries, parks, and other facilities to the public, we are here to serve you. The first responders in fire and EMS and the Sheriff’s Office continue to answer the call for emergencies. The building inspectors are in the field ensuring that what is being built today is safe. The landfill continues to receive waste. And most other employees are working remote to keep the work of government going. This work does not go unnoticed!

“In addition, we are working with our regional, state, and federal partners to ensure that we have the best information available for our decision making and for you. To help provide that information to you, the county has created a dedicated COVID-19 updates website for announcements and lists of resources at”

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