Photos by Lisa Bass – Wyatt Semones bounces to get height away from the Wipeout rotating arm.

The former Adventure World Skate and Fun Center building has a new attraction for residents of the New River Valley. The building (200 Midway Plaza) located in Christiansburg off North Franklin Street near the Corning plant has become the Xtreme Springz Trampoline Park.

In 2014, Adventure World closed and filed for bankruptcy after the 2013 revelations of embezzlement by a fired manager. Owners tried to rebuild the skating center business but it was too late to save it financially.

The building remained empty until it was purchased by the Terry Strike, owner of the NRV Superbowl on Christiansburg’s Arbor Drive.

After many months of renovations, Xtreme Springz opened Sept 7.

“It is good to have this old building used again. We are glad to bring it back alive,” Manager, Trey Lorton, said.

Henry Rust is hanging around on the Warrior Course at the newly opened Xtreme Springz trampoline park in Christiansburg.

Jumping on a trend across America, a trampoline park in the NRV seemed logical choice. The NRV Superbowl already offers bowling, laser tag and spin bumpers. Now, Xtreme Springz has over seventy trampolines with 49 trampolines configured into bouncing mania in one corner.

There is a dodge ball court with trampolines, high sides and rigged with nets so players can dip, duck, bounce, dive and dodge the many balls thrown between players. If anyone wants to feel like Michael Jordan, there are two basketball dunking trampolines.

An air pit allows jumpers to do tricks and flips into a padded cushion of air. The Meltdown Chamber allows friends to compete to jump over or duck under a rotating arm that could literally wipe you off your feet but with a soft landing.

The main area of Xtreme Springz park consists of 49 connected trampolines.

The Xtreme Warrior Course has unique lanes to test speed, agility and strength. Much like an obstacle course, there are hanging disks, balance beams, moving ladders, rope ladders, hanging ring swings, trapezes and more. There are colored lanes in which friends can test their skills in a timed competition. Unlike the popular televised America Ninja Warrior, any fall at Xtreme Springz Warrior Course comes with a soft foam pit landing.

Individual pricing is based on jump time at Xtreme Springz. Package deals are available for birthday parties or other celebrations. Xtreme Springz also offers arcade games, a concession stand and a television lounge.

Legal waivers must be completed online or in-person before any jumping. Families are able to sign parents and children on one form. The waivers are good for six months. Every participant must watch a four-minute safety video. There are some height restrictions for the some trampoline areas.

Lorton says there are more attractions in the works around the trampoline park. For now with the forty-five employees,

“We are learning as we go,” Lorton said.

Xtreme Springz to hopping to get some ideas off the ground in the near future: fitness classes, ultimate warrior teams, toddler jump hours, early release and no school activities.

For more information and hours of operation, call 251-5362 or soon visit website currently under construction.

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