Update from Dr. Molly O’Dell for September 2 Edition

We can all find a reason

Last week, I explored how people are staying vigilant and fighting fatigue. This week, I want to explore what motivates us to do this hard work to keep one another safe. For many of us, we have loved ones who are vulnerable to COVID-19. For some of us, we have personal risk factors that threaten our health. Others recognize that their actions can have a broad impact on the community when it comes to a pandemic and a contagious disease. Here are some stories that I heard: 

I want my life back. My twins miss their teachers, friends and going to school and playing at the park. I love to travel. I want to host dinners again. I miss spending time with my family and friends. I wear my mask, social distance and wash my hands frequently to decrease the chance that my husband, children, grandchildren, family and friends become infected. I would never want those that I love to suffer, from the symptoms caused by COVID-19 or lose their lives. COVID-19 has taken enough and if wearing a mask, cleaning my hands, and social distancing can prevent the death of one more person, I will do my part.” 

~ Deborah Price 

My motivation to stay safe is simple. I am a heart patient, so I’m very wary of COVID-19 and what it might do to my arrhythmia. But at 67, I still feel that my best artwork is in front of me. I love my life of creating and must do all I can to make sure that I get to do the thousands of paintings that I have ideas for in the coming years…THAT is motivation enough.”

~ Eric Fitzpatrick 

I haven’t seen my 93-year-old mother in her memory care facility in Ohio since this happened, and I’ve got a trip planned to do a few ‘window visits’ with her in September that I really don’t want to miss, so my husband and I are remaining vigilant to make sure that we can make that appointment. Also, my 89-year-old mother-in-law lives nearby, and is very independent, and my husband helps her with errands and daily tasks, so we want to protect her as much as we can.”

~ Beth Macy 


I care about myself and others. I am a cancer survivor. Being sick is not fun. I don’t want to be sick and wouldn’t want to be the cause of someone else getting sick or dying due to something I had the opportunity but neglected to do.”

~ Annette Lewis

My motivation to stay safe centers around my 15-month-old son who is currently in a daycare setting and is too young to wear a face covering. The thought of exposing my son to COVID-19 is a difficult one to think through. He motivates me each day to remain vigilant so I can protect him and do my best to reduce the risk of him potentially exposing others.” 

~ Samara Lott 

Whether it’s one’s personal health, protecting the health of a loved one, or wanting the community and society to return to normal, we all can find a reason. We must remember that our human behavior is the main driver in our ability to slow the spread of COVID-19. The public health guidance of wearing a face covering, practicing physical distancing, and staying at home when possible are new expressions of being a good citizen. Thank you for your vigilance.

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