Pictured are members of Advanced Physical Therapy of Virginia, the YMCA, the Botetourt County Chamber of Commerce, and members of the community at the ribbon cutting ceremony last Thursday.
By Matt de Simone
Contributing writer


Advanced Physical Therapy of Virginia (APT) held a ribbon cutting ceremony last Thursday to celebrate the opening of its new facility in Botetourt County. APT is a privately-owned out-patient treatment center based in Salem. For the past several years, the owners looked to expand their practice. It was ultimately decided that the YMCA in Daleville would make the perfect second location.

Co-owners Remco Schreuder and Tom Ellexson, along with a group of staff members, family, and friends stood together as Ellexson snapped the giant scissors welcoming in the public to APT’s new clinic.

In hopes of providing patients with the best possible care, APT’s plan for Botetourt County is clear and commendable. Schreuder is confident in their treatment strategy. “Our plan is to work with the YMCA. We provide quality physical therapy care,” Scheuder continues, “we don’t plan to use assistants. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Our model doesn’t use [assistants]. When you see a therapist here, you’ll see somebody with seven-plus years of experience. Our goal is to provide one-on-one treatment so that our patients can get back to their functional activities.”

The new branch features a wide variety of new equipment and resources to improve the lives of members of the community who need physical therapy. The new clinic’s physical therapist manager, Ashley Supanich, explained, “The new facility allows the staff to practice medicine the way it should be practiced. Within the YMCA, I can rehab patients and also open the door for an opportunity to develop a healthy, fitness lifestyle.”

APT and the Botetourt YMCA are currently working on new ways to incorporate the physical therapy wing with other lifelong fitness programs including a graduation program where patients can move from the clinic to different fitness programs within the YMCA. Supanich is hopeful the partnership can formulate programs tailor-made for specific therapeutic treatments. For instance, a patient recovering from rotator cuff surgery could not only rebuild his or her shoulder strength, but also discover a sweet jump shot on the YMCA hardwood or enjoy turning quality laps swimming in the pool.


Pictured is the Advanced Physical Therapy of Virginia facility inside the new YMCA in Daleville.
Photo by Matt de Simone

The overall scale of the new YMCA gives APT a lot of room to maneuver different elements of physical therapy. From the stairs to the elliptical, therapists have resources to rehab patients that other practices in the Roanoke Valley don’t have conveniently at their disposal. Ellexson added, “We always thought about getting into a gym setting. The Botetourt YMCA’s management approached us about coming here.” Ellexson later mentioned that access to the pool, weight equipment, and the track were all essential in APT’s decision to partner with the YMCA.

With the idea to open a new practice in the Roanoke Valley, Ellexson and Shreuder knew that the setting would be key. The stunning surroundings of the Daleville Town Center made their decision an easy one. Located on the second floor, the physical therapy clinic’s entrance looks out over the rolling hillside of Botetourt County. Schreuder mentioned, “The growth here in Botetourt is incredible along with the Town Center’s location and the beauty of the mountains. We thought that this should be the next place.”

Patients who suffer from sports-related injuries or chronic pain or maybe those seeking workman’s compensation rehabilitation may all receive treatment at the new facility. Supanich pointed out, “There aren’t any age restrictions. All are welcome to receive treatment.”

For more information on Advanced Physical Therapy of Virginia, visit its website: aptofva.com. The Botetourt YMCA is located at 115 Shenandoah Avenue in Daleville.