During the Buchanan Town Council meeting on April 8, Mayor Craig Bryant announced his goal for a “Town Memorial” to honor prior floods, flood victims, emergency services workers, active military and veterans, local volunteers, council, and staff— all of whom have sacrificed to ensure Buchanan is a safe, healthy, and dynamic community.

Bryant advised that he wanted to see a committee formed to study and prepare a location and monument. This committee will include Bryant, assistance from other council members, town staff, and citizens. He further explained that the goal is to unveil the first phase by July 4, 2020.

The time has come to honor these folks that sacrifice so much for us and our way of life! Monuments are a way to connect the past and present, with the future. Every individual is different and whether by choice or chance, all can serve through some form of civic duty. This opportunity will allow us to honor and thank all who have served the community, state, and country,” Bryant said. 

Buchanan Town Manager Jason Tyree advised this would give staff enough time to research grants, collect donations, and get public input. Tyree explained that the memorial would be a great opportunity to show that the town appreciates all those who serve the community.

For many, serving is a way of life— they don’t know any different. We as a town should recognize their contributions and honor them just the same. This opportunity may also assist in generating interest from our most precious asset, our youth, and encourage them to continue the legacy of service,” he said.

The project has been given the name “Buchanan Reflection Project.” In the April 18 Town Council Budget Work Session, Town Council asked to include a new line item in the upcoming 2019/2020 fiscal year budget to contribute $4,836 toward the project. These funds can assist with obtaining grants, as many require matching funds from the town.