In the year 2020, Botetourt County will celebrate its 250th anniversary of the county charter. Many events, both historical and entertaining, will take place during the 12 months of 2020. To capture the history and the remarkable growth of the settlement of Botetourt County since 1770, an official anniversary magazine will be published under the leadership of Anita Firebaugh. This publication will include histories of the diverse areas of the county, its businesses and industries, schools, churches, settlers, and places of recreation. Botetourt’s past, present, and future, along with its scenic beauty, will be featured prominently throughout the magazine.

In order to publish this magazine and make it available at no cost for all the county’s families, advertisements are being sold to businesses, organizations, churches, and families to offset some of the cost of the editing and printing.

Several local citizens are working as volunteer salespeople for these ads: Hannah Austin, Barbara Blair, Benton Bolton, DeeDee Bruce, Jessie Burton, Audrey Clark, Christine Kelly, Beth Leffel, Sue Marazzi, and Steve Vaughn. If you wish to place an ad in the magazine and you have not seen one of the salespeople, contact one of the co-chairs of the 250th Anniversary Steering Committee: Angela Coon at home, Lois Switzer at 589-2499, Donna Vaughn at 520-6478, or Wendy Wingo at 977-1167. If you need help creating an ad, please contact Brittany Benson at 309-4624.

Sizes of advertisements:

Entire Outside Back Cover

Entire Inside Back Page

Entire Inside Magazine Page

1/2 Inside Magazine Page

1/4 Inside Magazine Page

1/8 Inside Magazine Page

1/16 Small Family, Business, Church or Personal Ad Inside Magazine