Library Buzz for Nov. 27 Edition

Many of us spend Thanksgiving feasting with family and friends, but it’s also a time of recognizing and celebrating the people and things for which we are thankful. We at Botetourt County Libraries have so much to be thankful for, especially – YOU!

Yes, you. Wherever you are in Botetourt County, you’ve made it possible for us to make life better for thousands of people every year – including you. You’re the reason we exist.

Maybe you’ve never visited the library. But your tax dollars made it possible for someone in need to get a job, because the library had a computer and a librarian to help them through an online application they couldn’t have completed alone. We’re thankful for your support.

Maybe you’re not a reader, but you told your new neighbor about the book club you saw advertised at your local library. They came, and they made new friends who helped them settle in to their new community. We’re thankful that you shared information freely.

Maybe you bring your children or grandchildren to Story Time. Because of you, they can learn fundamental skills needed in school and life, from recognizing sounds to playing nicely with others. We’re thankful that you’re setting the next generation up for success.

Maybe you picked up a piece of trash on your way into the library. We’re thankful that you made the next patron’s experience more pleasant.

Maybe you donated used books for the next Friends of the Library book sale, and your contribution helped raise the money to buy large-print books for children whose dyslexia meant that regular print was too hard to read. We’re thankful that you leveled the playing field for children with disabilities.

Maybe you helped a family member install the Libby app on their iPhone so they could read e-books while they traveled. We’re thankful that you made a world of ideas more accessible to them.

Maybe you joined the Friends of the Library. Your dues and fundraisers paid for bookcases, puzzles, DVDs, cafes, and Summer Reading performers. You sorted books for book sales, carried heavy boxes or brought snacks for hungry children after school. We’re thankful for your dedication to making the world a better place.

Maybe you donated LEGOs for the children’s LEGO Club at the library. The fun, engaging projects taught many children math and physics concepts without cracking open a textbook. We’re thankful that you stimulated creativity.

You, who smiled at a stranger in the library and made them feel welcome and safe. You, who said “keep the change” when you paid your overdue fine. You, who said “thank you” to a librarian and made their day. You, who have an impact on everyone around you by the little things you do, even when no one seems to notice.

Built by the community and for the community, the library is free and open to every single person in Botetourt County, and that includes you.

We’re so thankful for you!

-Audrey Clark

Fincastle Library 

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