Vision screening at Read Mountain Middle School was done by Daleville-Fincastle Lion Karen Sledd, Nurse Sherry Manello, Daleville-Fincastle Lion Carole Smith and (not pictured) Lion Helen Tippie from Troutville Lions.
Lion Karen Sledd, Nurse Jen Carter, Lion Randee Mahon of Buchanan Lions, and Lion Carole Smith conducted vision screening at Greenfield Elementary.

Daleville/Fincastle Lions have begun vision screening in the Botetourt Public Schools. They’re working alongside Buchanan and Troutville Lions trying to ensure that children are able to perform at their maximum ability with good vision.
The Spot Vision Screener made by Welch Allyn is a handheld, portable device designed to help quickly and easily detect vision issues on patients from 6 months of age through adult. Lions who are Certified Vision Screeners use the Spot for vision screening because it gives quick, easy to understand reports; the children are engaged through the lights and sounds emitted by the machine; and it’s used in a non-invasive manner.
If vision issues are discovered, the school nurse contacts the parent/guardian and discusses the report.  A recommendation may be made to have the child tested by a professional. The Lions can assist with eye appointment expenses and/or eyeglass expenses if there are financial concerns.  The nurses contact the clubs and all information is handled in a confidential manner.